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Primary weapon flamethrower as an alternative Squad Support Weapon to the cannon/LMG...because burning things more than once a mission is fun.

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First off just let me say that I (commerade) am also Mecrutio...and he is me...we're the same person, just so everyone knows. 

-Added T2 "Heavy Flamer" and T4 "Elerium Flamer" complete with and upgrade tree from Flamerto Heavy to Elerium. Each tier requires the same research as the cannon of the same tier. You have to make each one indevidually (haven't figured out infinte inentory yet) but they do not cost anything to make at the moment making them cheaper than cannons. Stats for the new flamers are below. 

-Scaled the damage back on all flamers by 1, new stats below 


Main weapon flamer mod as an alternative to the cannon for a Squad Support Weapon. Currently is designated as a cannon so any class that uses the cannan should be able to use it. The weapon has rather short range to balance out the power of auto-hitting and aoe damage coupled with DoT...High risk, high reward and all that. It should be noted that most enemies will have a detection radius larger than 5 making this weapon impracticle for starting ambushes (it makes me sad too). The weapon also cannot overwatch...I'm not sure what would happen if I let it and may tinker with that later. At the moment I figure not being able to overwatch keeps the balance in check. 

Astute players may realize that the Elerium Flamer is not a strait upgrade to the Heavy Flamer. The Elerium Flamer is short range and lower DoT but has a wider AoE, extra shred and front end damage, as well as the ability to have 4 upgrades. Conversly the Heavy Flamer has long range, higher DoT, but is quite narrow, has no shred, less front end damage, and only 3 upgrade slots. This is intentional. This way while the Elerium Flamer is still an upgrade, im hoping it's more of a diagonal step up as opposed to being better in every way....only the humble Flamer becomes obsolete in theory...and if I could make it competative with the others without making it OP early game I totally would. 

Current Stats: 

Flamer: Damage=2, Spread=1, Pierce=2, Template Range=5, Template End Width=5, Clip Size=2, Upgrades=2, DoT=(2,1) 

Heavy Flamer: Damage=4, Spread=1, Pierce=4, Template Range=15, Template End Width=3, Clip Size=2, Upgrades=3, DoT=(4,1) 

Elerium Flamer: Damage=6, Spread=1, Pierce=4, Shred=2, Template Range=10, Template End Width=7, Clip Size=2, Upgrades=4, DoT=(3,1) 

The weapons stats *should* be editable in the .ini files. 

Weapon upgrades can be attached although they currently have no art work and will also not show up on the model as I am currently using the in-game wrist mounted model. Scopes will increase the soldiers aim but as flamers do not use the aim stat it's pretty useless. Crit chance works as does extram clip size, auto loader, free action, and execution. Stocks similarly have no effect as template weapons do not miss. 

I'm working on getting a 2-handed model similar to a rifle...any help is appreciated as I can't seem to wrap my head around anything involving 3d models. 

I am also going to be building a class based around the use of this weapon but will keep the weapon released as a stand alone for those who just want the weapon. 

Please leave comments, praise and criticism...if people find the weapon is too strong or too weak compared to the WAR-Suit version or even "The Grenadiers Armoury (Light Flamethrower Mod)" let me know and I will tweak it. It is currently being balanced for commander+ironman and higher. 

A massive thanks to the author of "The Grenadiers Armoury (Light Flamethrower Mod)" as well as Kwahn! Without whom this mod would not have been made (by me at least). 

T0 Unique model 
T2 Unique model 
T4 Unique model 
May make a Low damage/Long Range and High Damage/Short Range flamer for each tier for added versatility instead of just one per tier...may not...probably won't unless it's demanded en masse 
HAZMAT Trooper Class (has priority) 

P.S. Does anyone know how to extend the flamethrower animation so that it matches what ever the range of the weapon is? It seems like the range of the animation is stuck between 5 and 10 squares...I think.