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lots of changes that makes the game easy for those of us who enjoys the story or just want a doormat

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As of 9/22/16, there is a "Beta" test mod, specifically for the "Shen's Last Gift" DLC.

Added nearly everything from the mod for Vanilla XCOM 2. Spark stats boosted, working on getting ability cooldowns to just one turn. Adding repair charges, and increasing the amount repaired per charge. Since the "Spark Mod" is in beta, please feel free to contact the mod Owner with suggestions, or bug reports.

This mod introduces a lot of changes, most of which will be viewed as cheating. The mod is intended for people who want to make the game easier, or for people who are just interested in the story.

Warning: To use the mod, you must start a new game. If you try to load a game, it will not integrate with that game.

What this mod does: Max resources at start (besides scientists, engineers, and power). 

XCOM soldiers have a 100% hit rate. Research is done quickly, rooms are built quickly, your income starts maxed. 

Research only requires one body, building any items only requires one body.

Medkits and Grenades (including Smoke and Alien Acid Grenades) given x10 per fight, increased radius, increased damage to structures, added damage to structures for Acid Grenades.

Psi amp damage massively increased, works well with Psi-class mods (tested with Necromancer Class on Steam Workshop)

Experimental Weaponry have charges, cooldown rate of 1 turn, can be used multiple times per battle.

Grenade Launchers range modified, Will raised to counter Psi Possession, and sight range of soldiers doubled.

Training in XCOM facilities is done rapidly, Doom counter is removed.  XCOM soldiers have ridiculous hacking skills, XCOM soldiers rank up quickly.

120% crit chance for Soliders. Soldier movement increased dramatically.

How to install: download manually, and then extract the files. Copy those files, and paste them inside the Config folder.
C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Config

For a better gameplay experience, I recommend downloading Ultimate Workshop mod by Cryptomancer, which lets you craft everything as well as Elerium Grounds by Janah to craft elerium cores. long war toolbox for bigger squads and all other long war mods should be given a try.

Also, for those of you who don't want to use every cheat at once, there are several different versions of this mod available.

1. Cheat Mod (the whole Mod)
2. aim bonus (200% aim bonus for ranged and melee attacks)
3. doom remove (removes doom generation, so avatar project never finishes)
4. doom slow (makes avatar project take an extended amount of time)
5. fast build times and research only (Base structures built faster, research completed in a day)
6. fast research, build times, lots of resources, OP hacking
7. hacking chances only
8. only max resources at start
9. super soliders and OP guns