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Hail to the king baby! A Duke Nukem voice pack for your XCom 2 soldiers.
Coming soon to this mod:
Duke Nukem Character Pool

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This is my first mod and I'm looking to improve, so please leave me any suggestions/comments below. Any clips that sound out of place? Any clips that should be swapped around? Tell me.

Hey, this is my first mod. Given the fact that you can easily create Duke Nukem in the base game, I knew this had to be done. 

Apparently there is a bug where you cannot preview the voice pack in the barracks, you have to do it in the character pool. If you try to preivew it in the barracks, your game will crash. This bug has been fixed! You can now preview voice packs in the barracks. 

I chose Duke Nukem Forever sound clips because they are much higher quality than the original Duke 3D voices. They sounded out-of-place in game due to their low quality, but I'm still going to add a Duke 3D voice pack to this mod in the near future. Duke 3D voice pack is now available! It's lower quality than the DNF pack, but it's there for people who prefer the older voice of Duke.

I will continue to work on these voice packs to improve them in the future. You can help speed this up by giving me suggestions/feedback.

  • Duke Nukem Character Pool


  • Fixed broken DNF voice banks. You should hear Duke talk after almost every action now, as opposed to before where you rarely heard him say anything except "Groovy" when dashing. 
  • Swapped around a few of the sound ques, to fit in a couple of unused lines.

  • Mod no longer shows up as "ExampleModPack" in the launcher. (Nexus Mods only bug, no change for Steam Workshop version)

  • Duke Nukem 3D voice pack now available! There was less voice clips to use, and the ones that were available had less variety, so there will be more repitition in this voice pack compared to the DNF pack. 
  • Link to Nexus Mods mirror: http://www.nexusmods.com/xcom2/mods/243/

.Link to Steam Workshop mirror: