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About this mod

A character pool containing the most important characters from the witcher universe.

Permissions and credits
This character pool contains 40 characters from the witcher games (Witcher 3: hearts of stone expansion excluded).
Each character is customized to look as much like they do in the original witcher games and given a lore-friendly nickname.
I had to improvise for some names due to lack of space or because no last name is available.

I tried to fit each character with a class/attitude that represents the characters playstyle in-game.

Characters included are (sorted on class):

  • Rangers:
  1. Geralt 'White Wolf' of Rivia
  2. Letho 'Kingslayer' of Gulet
  3. Zoltan 'Raskal' Chivay
  4. Lambert
  5. Eskel

  • Sharpshooters
  1. Triss 'Fearless' Merigold
  2. Iorveth
  3. Philippa 'Lady Owl' Eilhart
  4. Síle de Tansarville
  5. Keira Metz

  • Grenadiers
  1. Vesemir 'Old Man'
  2. Philip 'BloodyBaron' Strenger
  3. Saskia 'Dragonslayer' of Aerdin
  4. Ves
  5. Morvran Voorhis

  • Specialist
  1. Yennefer 'Yen' of Vengerberg
  2. Julian 'Dandelion' Alfred Pankratz
  3. Vernon 'Commander' Roche
  4. Crach 'Sea Boar' an Craite
  5. Avallac'h
  • Psi Operatives
  1. Cirilla 'Ziraeal' Fiona

  • VIPs:
  1. Radovid V
  2. Foltest of Temeria
  3. Emhyr var Emreis
  4. Sigismund Dijkstra
  5. Priscilla
  6. Cerys an Craite
  7. Hjalmar an Craite
  8. Dudu
  9. Anna Strenger
  10. Tamara Strenger
  11. Francis Bedlam
  12. Carlo Varese

  • Dark VIPs:
  1. Eredin Bréacc
  2. Imlerith
  3. Caranthir
  4. Nithral
  5. Caleb Menge
  6. Jad Karadin
  7. Whoreson Junior

- Download the latest version
- Unpack the zip file
- Place 'witcher Pool.bin' in 'C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\XCOM2\XComGame\CharacterPool\Importable'
- Go to Character Pool from the main menu
- Click on import character
- Click on Witcher Pool

If you go back, you will now see a list with all the characters that have been added. Feel free to modify them to you liking and enjoy!

I will add a biography for each character in the next update!
Leave suggestions of characters that should be edited or added!