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A set of mission names taken from the UK\'s Cold War weapons projects.

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Rainbow Codes
======= =====
by OfftheRails

version 1.0

A pair of replacement files to give your game a Cold War feel.

Rainbow Codes were the secret project codenames used for British military projects in the forties and fifties. Some, like Blue Danube, Black Arrow and Blue Streak, are fairly well known. Others will remain obscure forever. The system was designed to produce names that gave no hint as to the device's purpose or method of operation. Some of them sound quite cool, and they're nice replacements if the default mission name list is getting stale.

To install, navigate to "My Games\XCOM - Enemy Unknown\XComGame\Localization\INT" and make a backup of the file in that folder. Copy the file "XComStrategyGame.INT.MyGamesCopy" from the archive and rename it to "XComStrategyGame.INT". Now go to "Steam\steamapps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XComGame\Localization\INT" and do the same - make a backup, and copy the file "" from the archive and into the folder. Rename it "". You're good to go.

This mod replaces a pair of text files in your XCOM installation, and therefore is completely safe to use. Make sure you backup your original files. To uninstall, simply restore your backups or ask Steam to "verify integrity of game cache".

Should be all you need to know. Enjoy!