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Adds two additional Voices: A Male soldier, and a Male MEC trooper. Have you gotten tired of the default voicelines you hear from your troopers? Want something a little more radio-like for your soldiers? Want a more robotic MEC voice? Want to hear your troops call the X-Rays "Xenos"? This is for you.

Permissions and credits

This is the Legion Voice set, two additional voices by yours truly. I wanted to put my skills to the test and this is the fruit of my labour, so to speak. 

The Legion voices are more processed then the original voices, for more of a radio-feel. I've also changed a large quantity of the more common voice lines, to help keep the voices sounding fresh compared to the default lines.

Want to sample the pack before you apply it? The two attached videos contain all the voicelines in each pack.

For Redundancy, here's the installation instructions from the readme.

After learning that I could implement voice mods into XCOM, I decided to try out the process myself. After many strenuous hours, I finally got some finished projects. This package contains 2 voices: A male soldier voice and a male MEC voice. 
Both of these voices are somewhat more processed then default XCOM voicelines, the MEC especially.
What does legion mean in this instance? Not much. Just needed a cool sounding name honestly.

XCOM Enemy Within
Long War

1.) Extract the LegionSoldier and LegionMECTrooper folders into <XCOM Install Directory>\XEW\XComGame\CookedPCConsole
2.) Copy and paste the following Segment after the other Long War "VoicePackageInfo=" lines (e.g. search for "Australian English")
in <XCOM Install Directory>\XEW\XComGame\Config\DefaultContent.ini

; Bradley Anderson "ARClegend" (American English Alt)
VoicePackageInfo=(VoiceType=eCharVoice_MaleSoldier4, Language=7,ArchetypeName="VoiceArchetype.Voice_MaleVoice1_Legion")

; Bradley Anderson "ARClegend" (American English Alt, MEC)

//NOTE: Legion Soldier Currently adds itself to slot 4 of British Male Voices, and the MEC voice replaces the first Italian Male MEC. If you want it to replace other voices, change the language number.