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Play with a Muton squad against XCOM soldiers on an UFO site, and take it back.

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After landing on a river valley, you decide to patrol the surroundings looking for some valuables. Not much further, you find a pair of XCOM rookies playing with shadow armors. Looks like they're alone, so you ambush them. Before they could react, our berserkers rushed them, finishing them off. You retrieve the armors and 2 mutons decide to equip them. Even though this kind of armor makes mutons really squishy, now they're more agile and you have some of the most advanced XCOM technology in your hand.

Getting back to the UFO, our berserkers start roaring, you have a bad feeling about this.


  • XCOM - Enemy Within.
  • Long war.


This is not actually a mod, it's a save file which needs to be loaded to play.

WARNING: If you are playing the campaign, I recommend to backup your SaveData folder because this save file may overwrite your existing save files or you may remove some by accident. If you're not, go to step 2.

  • Go to <User>\Documents\My Games\XCOM - Enemy Within\XComGame\SaveData and make a backup of its content.
  • Place save file on <User>\Documents\My Games\XCOM - Enemy Within\XComGame\SaveData.
  • Start the game, search file with date 4/2/2022 - 12:49 and load it normally.

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Mission notes

  • Some units have different perks, skills and stats from the campaign. 

Known issues

  • (*)Mission sometimes crashes. Save the game at the beginning of each turn so you can load from there, and play it differently to try to avoid it. If the crash persists, try flushing flanked units as they often cause crashes because they look for retreat points which may not exist.
  • (*)Berserker's Bull Rush doesn't work properly; usually breaks cover (you need to head the cover in a straight line) and rarely damages units. Furthermore, you need to deselect and select it again if you can't trigger it.
  • (*)Becoming invisible pans the camera to a random place temporarily.
  • (*)Some abilities look unavailable but they actually work, you just need to click on them.

Special thanks

Surviving RNG - Thanks to this tutorial I managed to do this.