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Profile and save file on the final move to complete the Lone Wolf achievement on Xcom: Enemy Within

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Searching Nexus for some achievemnts I didn't have (Mainly "Wet Work") I found that Grampuh and VenomLordGaming uploaded their saves to Nexus for the  "A Continental Fellow", "No Looking Back", "Our Finest Hour", "Ain't No Cavalry Comin'" & "An Army Of Four"  achievements, and I think I was kinda inspired by their solidarity; So I decided to be charitable too and upload my save just before getting the "Lone Wolf" achievement to ensure that people on the internet can get it easy if they don't want to suffer.

Please like and endorse this mod and Grampuh's and  VenomLordGaming's mods too! I think this took about 3 hours to get and lots of tries (Beating a Sectopod with just a sniper was hell).

Anyway, here's the save. For you guys, enjoy!


1)Download the game save file and unzip it

2) Go to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\XCOM - Enemy Within\XComGame

3) Make a backup copy of the folder SaveData if you want to keep your old saves.

4) Go into the original SaveData folder and delete every file inside.

5) Copy profile.bin and save371
 into this folder.

6) Launch Xcom Enemy Within.

7) Load the save.

8) Kill the Elite Muton that's almost dead

9) The achievements are rewarded once you get to the mission stats screen.

10) Restore your back up saves by deleting SaveData and copying the old folder back in.

Also, I forgot to mention, the Sniper is equipped with an Archangel armor, so I belive if you kill the Muton Elite while flying you'll get the "Angel Of Death" achievement too, but I can't verify it because my profile already has that achievement. Please tell me if you get both and I'll edit the mod accordingly.

Thank You!