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with this mod you can add as many interceptors to your rosters as you like, tested with up to 20, even more possible

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It is time to boot up the improved avionics, energize the supercapacitors and light the elerium afterburners!

This mod was designed with Ironman in mind. Ever had a catastrophic interception that left you with your fleet in week's worth of repair time?

This mod is not based around the idea to make things easier, this mod just grants the option to invest more ressources into your fleet rather than having to rely on a generally lower difficulty or 2nd wave option.

This mod breaks the chains of allowing only 6 interceptors per continent. The mod changes it to ten, however you can edit the text file to basically any amount you want. (see description in the text file)


navigate to

yoursteamdirectory\xcom-enemy-unknown\xew\xcomgame\config and open defaultmutatorloader.ini (with notepad or similar) and add the highlighted line manually:

here for your convenience to copy:


it has to be that specific location in the file.

next up drop squadronunleashed.u into yoursteamdirectory\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\XComGame\CookedPCConsole

finally drop moreinterceptors.txt into your patcherGUI mod directory (you can find patcherGUI @ nexusmods, it creates a mod folder on its own) and apply it by firing up the exe.