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Air Combat Simulator application designed for XCOM Long War. Based on Monte Carlo principles. Adjust XCOM ship and Alien ship main attributes and perform a high number of repeats e.g. 100k in order to perform statistical analysis. XCOM ship attributes include ship type, kills, stance, weapons, all improvements and modules.

Permissions and credits
Air Combat Simulator for XCOM Long War
Dedicated to all the fans of XCOM and turn based strategy games.
Based on Monte Carlo simulation principles, the simulator performs a high number of repeats (x10k) in order to gather statistical data.
These data are transformed into meaningful information regarding the outcome of the predefined combat.

.NET Framework 4.6.2 or higher
XCOM ship base attributes
The user may select the ship type, pilot kills, ship stance, base weapon, any improvements or modules.
In addition, he may select whether the ship is researched, and whether tactically he prefers to disengage combat or fight until the end.
Alien ship base attributes
The user may select ship type, alien research points, and base weapon.
Moreover, he may change the ship's condition %.

Ship Attributes
Default ship attributes  values [durability, armor, armor penetration, interception time] and weapon attribute values originate from DefaultGameCore.ini
These values are included in the configuration.xml file, in resources folder.

Combat Attributes
Based on the above selections the combat attributes are calculated. These are the actual values that are used during the simulation.
Simulation Options
The user may insert the number of simulations and update step.
In every update step the basic statistics are recalculated.
Statistics include:
- XCOM ship shot down %, XCOM ship disengage %, Alien ship shot down %, Alien ship escaped %
- Average Duration, avg remaining duration, XCOM ship remaining durability, Alien ship remaining durability,
- xcom ship fire attempts and successes, alien ship fire attempts and successes
Moreover, a graph representing the variance of the remaining XCOM and Alien ships durabilities is demonstrated.

Efficiency Options
The user may investigate a specific setup in relation to alien research change.
This demonstrates the efficiency of a specific setup in time.
The user may insert the number of research steps he wants to investigate and the update step.
Results include the following diagrams:
- A combat outcome chart with related probabilities
- A durability chart with related percentages
- A duration chart
Test options
The user may perform an adhoc test in order to check/validate the simulation rational.
In case you detect any bugs or errors in rational you may contact us.

Simulation Info
Most of the information related to air combat are from UFOpaedia, Air Combat, Long war.
Simulation complies with most (if not all) shared information available.

Special thanks to the creators of Long War.