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Changes vanilla weapon stats to provide more diverse gameplay. Guns from different categories (Ballistic, Plasma, Beam) become specialized in different situations, rather than being straight upgrades without any disadvantages. This mod makes sure that Ballistic and Beam weapons are still useful at later stages.

Permissions and credits


Replace XComEW.exe located in
x:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\Binaries\Win32 (or corresponding GOG installation)
Make backup of original XComEW.exe file.
After installation start new game or load save file from geoscape. Loading saves made during missions (before mod was instaled) will crash game or glitch certain skills.


If you want to revert to vanilla again, use your backup XComEW.exe or verify game files via Steam or GOG.
Start new game or load save file form XCOM Base.


Due to changes made to starting (ballistic) weapons, game may appear easier at start. To ensure classical XCOM difficulty consider:

-Playing on at least Classic difficulty
-Not using “Absolutely critical” and "Aiming Angles" second wave options as they break balance and purpose of edited weapons.
-Setting some penalizing second wave settings.
-Instaling this mod only after plasma weapons are developed.

MODDED WEAPON STATS (compared to vanilla)
Please note that some stats descryptions are not showing in game  (e.g. Edited range, explosion size)

BALLISTIC (Jack of all trades)

Pistol: Increased damage, slightly lowered range, added small critical chance from start, removed unlimited magazine.
Assault Rifle: Increased damage, slightly increased range and critical chance.
LMG: Increased damage, slightly increased range, added small critical chance.
Sniper rifle: Increased damage, lowered range by 10%.
Shotgun: Increased damage, slightly increased range.
Rocket Launcher: Increased damage, slightly increased explosion size.

LASER (Highly accurate with lower damage and high crit chance)

Laser Pistol: Lowered damage, highly increased range, slightly increased crit chance, removed unlimited magazine.
Laser Rifle: Lowered damage, highly increased crit chance and range.
Scatter Laser: Lowered damage, Slightly Increased range, Highly increased crit chance.
Laser Sniper: Lowered damage, Highly increased crit chance.
Heavy Laser: Lowered damage, Highly increased range, added crit chance.

PLASMA + ALLOY (High damage with low accuracy and critical chance)

Plasma Pistol: Lowered range, removed unlimited magazine.
Light Plasma Rifle: slightly increased damage, lowered range and critical chance.
Plasma Rifle: Highly lowered range and critical chance.
Plasma Sniper Rifle: Lowered range by 25%, Highly lowered critical chance.
Alloy Cannon: Highly Lowered range and critical chance.
Blaster Launcher: Zero changes made.

EXALT BALLISTIC (Moderate damage with standard range and ultra high critical chance)

EXALT Assault Rifle: Slightly increased damage, ultra high critical chance
EXALT LMG: Slightly increased damage, ultra high critical chance
EXALT Sniper Rifle: Slightly increased damage Lowered range by 15%, ultra high critical chance.
EXALT LAUNCHER: Highly increased explosion size.

EXALT LASERS (Low damage with slight range boost and very high critical chance)

EXALT Laser Rifle: Lowered damage, slightly increased range, very high critical chance.
EXALT Heavy Laser: Lowered damage, slightly increased range, very high critical chance.
EXALT Sniper Rifle: Lowered damage, lowered range by 5%, very high critical chance.

MEC Weapons

Minigun: Slightly increased damage. Slightly lowered range and critical chance. Has unlimited ammo.
Railgun: Slightly increased damage, Highly increased range and critical chance.
Particle Cannon: Highly lowered range.

Additional changes

Frag grenade has higher explosion size than alien grenade. (still much lower than needle grenade)
SHIV received straight forward damage buffs for each of its weapons as there is no way to change shiv loadout after upgrades (+1 damage compared to vanilla).
This mod currently does not change enemy weapons and behavior, except for EXALT Soldiers, as their weapons share code strings with player acquired EXALT guns.

Please, leave friendly comment and suggest potential changes after playing.