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For XCOM-Enemy-Unknown (2012): Standardizes the Initialization of the XCom Forces Armors, so as to more fully enable the functionality of the DefaultGameCore.ini lines; in particular enables the 'grapple' and 'psi' properties for these armors. (untested with Long War)

Permissions and credits
This mod is meant for the more vanilla XCom: Enemy Unknown game.

The mod is intended to be installed (and if need be, uninstalled) by PatcherGUI - from UPKUtils under the Tools and Utilities category.
PatcherGUI is also capable of enabling .ini file loading; which is required to get the game to actually read the uncooked DefaultGameCore.ini file.

Armors Modified:
  • Ghost Armor
  • Titan Armor
  • ArchAngel Armor
  • Carapace Armor
  • Reinforced Armor
  • Kelvar Armor
  • Psi Armor
    • The Skeleton Armor initialization code was used as the template to modify the above armors to.

Each Armor is modified to support:
  • Three (3) Large Slots (Right Hand, Right Back, Left Back).
  • Four (4) Small Slots (Right Leg, Right Chest, Left Chest, Left Leg).
  • Two (2) Special Slots (Grapple, Psi Source).

Should take the bugs out of adding the  eAP_Grapple and/or eAP_Psi Properties to Armors in the DefaultGameCore.ini file.

CAUTION: Preliminary testing indicates that an Armor with the eAP_Psi property may only be used by troops that have the 'Psi' gift.

The text file contains documentation lines to help identify which lines to comment out - should you desire to leave any of the above named armors unmodified.

Further documentation may be located in the nexus wiki: Armor Initialization Modding