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ERaT is a revamp of Long War 1.0 that emphasizes realism, expands tactical options, and reduces economy micromanaging with a new monetary system. It also features new perks, more specialized enemies, increased weapon and soldier versatility, and reworked items and armors.

Permissions and credits
You can discuss the mod in Discord here: https://discord.gg/nWJe8Pq

As a long time LW player, I wanted to create a mod that fundamentally changes the way you conduct your campaign, while also improving upon its gameplay in several ways.

It's balanced around using the Training Roulette SW option along with the included Roulette Plus mod. I also recommend turning on Red Fog and Aiming Angles.

I've put together a Google Sheet that allows you to easily find out about its many features as well as recent changes. You can even leave comments on it!

Here's just a few of its many changes.

New classes and unique perk trees. This mod includes Roulette Plus and is meant to be played with Training Roulette. With the inclusion of many new perks and rebalances to existing ones, each soldier has a unique skill tree. Scouts, Infantry, and Engineers have been entirely revamped. Several weaker perks are improved, while a couple of powerful ones have been allocated to items. All MEC skill trees have been revised, eliminating some lackluster perk choices and making the classes more distinct.

Extensive item changes. Many tweaked and repurposed items unlock additional tactical options. Gunners, for example, can spec into anti-robotic or Mayhem-suppression with just an equipment change. Previously underutilized items have been buffed or reworked. Some grant perks formerly reserved for the mid-to-late game, such Bioelectric Skin. Armors start with 3 item slots on each soldier, allowing more ways to customize troops to fit your playstyle.

Enemies are more dangerous, but have less HP. This leads to faster and more decisive battles, and also rewards good plays such as flanking and cover destruction. Grenades and rockets are also more powerful. Just as you would expect in reality, an HE Grenade can now reliably take out a Sectoid or Thin Man. Don't worry about this making things too easy, however. Activated aliens will now alert other pods within their sight, resulting in more frenetic and larger scale battles.

Alien toughness is reflected in their physical attributes. Mutons are tankier, but are easier to hit. Muton Berserkers are much tougher than before, but are slower and lose their Bloodlust ability. Mechtoids and Sectopods hit a lot harder and are more resilient. Sectoid Commanders and Ethereals have much less HP, but are buffed in other areas. The default way of simply giving harder enemies more HP was both unimaginative and uninteresting.

Weapons, armors, and items are much cheaper. No longer will you have to fret over choosing to buy 2 SCOPES or your next Laboratory, or worrying if you can afford just one more Laser Rifle for your troops. After all, what kind of planetary defense organization has to dig in its pocket just to buy a single firearm? Now, you are free to splurge on as many items as you like (provided you have enough Alloys). The real financial dilemmas come with which Facilities you want to build next, or how many Interceptors you feel you need, just as it would in real life.

Various weapon and combat changes. Weapon progression is no longer strictly linear. Ballistic, Gauss, and Plasma automatic weapons confer Suppression, so you might continue to use some Ballistic weapons even after researching Laser technology. This also allows for better tactical play in the early game and makes your rookies actually useful. Greater high cover bonus encourages flanking maneuvers, Flush usage or cover destruction rather than repeated low-percentage shots. Allows you to focus more on tactics and worry less about your soldiers getting killed in full cover.

SHIVs and MECs can both take on and dish out more damage. SHIVs have more ammo and DR, but have significantly lower defense. MECs also have lower defense but gain health and DR, making them feel like mechanical juggernauts that can shrug off hits from lesser enemies. Their weapons are also more powerful, truly setting them apart from your soldiers' firearms.

Plus Interceptor changes, a new Psionic ability tree, revised research paths, and much more!

Incorporated mods 
Roulette Plus by azxeus
Realistic Mission Intel by crypticc62
Minimods, RobotsNeedRepairs, and MoreCompetentExalt mods by szmind
Customize Item and Perk Charges, and Lightning Reflexes Hit Chance, from Assorted Long War Gameplay Modifications by Vazeron1
3rd Item Slot by Mrwatsyoname
Arc Thrower Range by epiceuropean
HP Display Mod by ellatan
Tab select next/previous soldier mod by Oakeman and other contributors

Included mods
Display Crit Chance by sectoidfodder
Enhanced Tactical Info, EXALT Scan Reminder, EXALT Intel Tweak, Show Country Name, and Steam Vent Location Tweak by SpazmoJones
Loadout Manager, Campaign Summary, and Lines-of-Sight Indicators (Sightlines) by tracktwo
Hunker Down Fine Tune and No Chain Panic (from XCom Interface and Gameplay Tweaks) by wghost81
Red Fog Mod (Gaussian Red Fog) by LeoKian
Chop Psionics and Officers by DM666
No Alien Activity Sound by Gruust123
Remove Death Animation Delay by Peasly Wellbott
Pod Reveal Mods Collection (Reveal Mod) by tracktwo and szmind

Special thanks to
szmind for his crucial coding contributions and brilliant modding insight
Long War team (now Pavonis Interactive) for creating the much-beloved Long War mod