XCOM: Enemy Unknown
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This mod implements smart overwatch fire for both XCOM and aliens. Once 2 or more units spot an enemy simultanouesly they will shoot one by one instead of all at once. No more clearing of overwatch traps by a single unit that died from the first shot. Developed for LW Rebalance by Ucross but 100% compatible with both Long War and vanilla.

Permissions and credits
You may wish to check also my Squadron Unleashed revolutionary mod allowing for launching multiple jets at once :)
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to choose from.


UPDATE 1.3 released - further fixing double covering fire. Enabled sequential covering fire (evolution of v. 1.2). Provided compatibility between Covering Fire and Rapid Reaction (for Training Roulette users mainly; or modded LW).

UPDATE 1.2 released - fixing double covering fire. (It is an option - if you don't like Sentinel + Covering Fire to unload both shots against a single enemy shot. If it is what you like just use 1.1)

100% compatible with XCOM Long War, clear EW and EU. Make sure you download correct file.

What this mod does
This mod implements what was expected by many XCOM EU/EW players for years. That is proceeding overwatch shots from several units at the same target one by one. Once the target is killed remaining overwatchers will be waiting for other targets. That works for aliens as well e.g. if your trooper is killed by the first shot other overwatching aliens will not waste their shots on him.

This mod is installed with PatcherGUI. Just download PatcherGUI, launch it, point the path to your XEW folder and the path to the mod's .txt file. Click Apply. Launch the game and enjoy new feature.

Story behind...
First of all thanks to LW team (this time not for creating such a marvelous mod - that is obvious) for hardcoding pilot ranks displayed in hangar - and those attached to soldier's name displayed within pop-up messages on overwatch fire. I localized whole LW mod to Polish but I could not change this one thing. It bothered my mind for 2 years. I knew it was hardcoded and promised myself to fix it someday, somehow. The day has come around half through Dec 2017. I got inspired by Enforcer from steamcommunity forums within this thread.
Let's put it clear - 3 weeks prior to creating this mod I was a total newbie to any hex modding.  Googling, reading, laughing or crying and giving it up but returning and moving on I gained neccessary knowledge. However, someone must have shared this knowledge (and tools) - therefore time for credits.

This mod would not be created without tools, experience and know-how shared extensively by:
- EliotVU and his UE Explorer - a powerful tool that allowed me to explore through UPK code as it was written by developers
- wghost81, amineri and all LW team who shared extensively their experience about HEX modding UPK files - on wiki and forums (in fact first versions of this mod were purely created and implemented for tests with UE Explorer, Notepad and HxD - without  even using PatcherGUI)
- Wghost81 and her UPKUtils - (especially hextopseudocode.exe) allowed me to move to yet another level
- last but not least Ucross with his great LW Rebalance mod written in pseudocode - it was a great studying material and inspiration ("If UCross can update his overhaul mod weekly with tons of changes this all modding must be easier than I think. Let's get down to this issue again".