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Turrets serve as one of the main testing obstacles in the Portal series. Armed with almost unlimited ammunition and deadly accuracy, they will attempt to kill test subjects on sight. Standard Sentry Turrets are voiced by Ellen McLain. This is just the Portal 1 Turret.

Permissions and credits
This is a very simple voice pack. It started out as just a experiment to see if I actually could make a Mech voice pack, since there was no tutorial for this. It works as a charm, so a complete success. It will help me make new mech voice packs in the future. The portal 1 game did not give many lines, so this can feel a little repetitive at times, but it has a voice for every mech occasion. All lines for the portal 1 turret is inn here. Even the dlc lines. I will at a later date make a new voice pack with this inn a bigger voice pack with the protal 2 turret lines, and the "Oracle" turret.  Also some of the orbs.

Sweet, sensetive and adorble. The Aliens will truly feel like monsters when they attack this little fella. 

"This next test involves turrets. You remember them, right? They're the pale, spherical things that are full of bullets. Oh wait, that's you in five seconds. Good luck."— GLaDOS, to Chell

Turrets are miniature tripod robots that appear in every game in the Portal series. They are seen as incapable of independent movement, but can open each side of their chassis (their 'arms') horizontally in order to reveal twin double-barreled machine guns. The central part of the chassis holds their red eye, which emits a targeting laser. Almost all of the space within the Turret is devoted to storing the ridiculously stacked ammo, explaining the nearly infinite supply of ammo when firing. According to the Portal 2 Turrets trailer, the turrets use spring mechanisms to accelerate the whole bullet, including the casing, which may explain how the player can survive getting shot by the Turret so many times.
When test subjects are out of sight from the Turret's presence, they will maintain a standby state and will remain motionless with their guns retracted. Moving into their angle of sight however, will cause Turrets to deploy their guns shortly after greeting the unlucky individual before opening fire. They will continue to fire until the target is dead or moves out of sight. Turrets can be avoided, disabled or destroyed in a number of ways. The most common method is knocking them over, causing them to flail and fire wildly before deactivating. This can be done by picking them up and dropping them, or using any object to tip them over. Additionally, the Discouragement Beams or Emancipation Grills can be used to completely destroy them. They also emit a long "ooowowowowow" noise if thrown into a fizzler grill.

I really recommend pairing this with the Glados mech voice pack. Have fun.

I really hope you will enjoy her voice in the xcom game. And I have tested it and found no error so far. But in case I have made a mistake, I will fix anything you guys report on.

Thank you ObelixDk for this awesome Guide to installing Voice packs in Xcom Longwar.

How to install:
First of all you need the mod xcom long war. Then you need to go through these steps:

1) Go to the install location for your game. It varies from pc to pc. You need to go first to the steam location. My exsample:
D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown

2) From there go to XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\XComGame\Config and open the DefaultContent and find the line VoicePackageInfo=(VoiceType=eCharVoice_FemaleBlueshirt1,ArchetypeName="Voice_BSFVoice1.BSFVoice1") 
You can press ctrl + f and insert the line eCharVoice_FemaleBlueshirt1 to find it fast.

3) Under this line enter:
; MEC Voice:
Portal TurretVoicePackageInfo=(VoiceType=eCharVoice_FemaleMec2,Language=36,ArchetypeName="MECVoice_Turret.Voice_MECVoice_Turret")

and then you can save. If you want you can change the language from 32 to any number to change the voice placement. FemaleMec2 can be changed to any number so you don't overwrite a voice that's already there. So if you want to place her in for example polish, and you do not want to overwrite the 2 voices there you can place her as number 3 with the category for polish. 
English: Language=0
French:  Language=1
German:  Language=2
Italian: Language=3
Polish:  Language=4
Russian: Language=5
Spanish: Language=6 

So Turret in the polish category as voice 3 would be:
Portal TurretVoicePackageInfo=(VoiceType=eCharVoice_FemaleMec3,Language=4,ArchetypeName="MECVoice_Turret.Voice_MECVoice_Turret")

4) Now for the easy part. got to XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\XComGame\CookedPCConsole, and create a new folder called Voice if needed. Put the file there. Unpack it if with winrar, winzip or whatever you need to unpack it. Now everything is ready. Have fun.

Bonus voices: By Hopeford SA
Beaglerush Voicepack

Gary[From Fallout 3]:

John Madden:


Solid Snake:

Private Friendly:

Mec Friendly:

By: Joe Whatever

The only sure way to defeat the aliens is with surprise, fear and ruthless efficiency. There are two Voice Packs:
"Full" (as shown in the video, but with some modified samples):
"Lite" (tries to maintain XCOM atmosphere):

By: fractl
Male MEC Voice for Long War Beta 15.
Version 1.0
Edit: installation instructions in the zip file.