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This texture fixes the diference between the Mec's guns art and models, also changes the Reflex Cannon light from orange to green as a plasma weapon (for long war).

Permissions and credits
Always annoyed me that the Mec’s weapons art and models didn’t match for the railgun, laser-lance and pulse-lance.
Also the Reflex Cannon light is orange but in its art is green as a plasma weapon should be.


-Made new art for the Railgun similar to its model using the minigun art.
-Made new art for the laser lance similar to its model using the Railgun art.
-Used Railgun art for the Pulse lance, just made it bigger.
-reduced minigun art 10% to balance with Railgun.

-Updated Railgun art
-Fixed Reflex Cannon LW art because edges were a little choppy.
-Changed Reflex Cannon model shine
from orange to green. (used KEBW1144's texture  for the Reflex cannon, only changed orange to green, you can find his full texture pack here.)


-Only works with long war
-Must use texmod, I recommend using EasyTexMod by eclipse666