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More balanced LW for people who are going blind in and know the basics of XCOM: EW but aren't pros at it. Might prove to be too easy for some people but I tried to make it so you wouldn't want to save scum (basically the point of this mod is to get rid of the bullsh*t and get casuals to play LW).

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Reduced fatigue, no fatigue from gene mods and officers, no will loss on critical wounds, better rookie stats, less repair time on interceptors and a little less on items repaired in repair bay and more (some speed ups to X stuff, knocking down some prices and increasing loot, a little, very little nerf to some aliens, no grenades on Mutons & Floaters [hopefully - if it works as intended])...
I made it for my friend '2scared2playLW' since I play on different modified version of LW. Basically makes the game more fair so you're less likely to save scum, lose soldiers in 1 hit and other BS. Ia recommend playing with these Second Wave options: Save Scum, Bronzeman (if Ironman), Commander's Choice, Perfect Information and United Humanity if you want no Exalt (extra easy).

To install drop the 2 files from the zip into User>Documents>My Games> xcom enemy within>xcomgame>Config
Requires Long War installation first