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About this mod

This is a new long war edition of my uber mod... (simple ini tweak)
This makes the game much more easy by giving way more gold, reducing time of mostly everything, giving you super soldier, etc...

Permissions and credits
This is an ini tweak for the Long War Mod :
Long war being the #1 most popular mod here on the Nexus :
Click here to go to Long War page


This mod makes the game "uber"... ie : this is A CHEAT MOD!!!
(You have been warned) ;)

This will KILL pretty much all difficulty you might have had with the game...

This mod works for all version (easy/normal/hard/classic) 
and is for Enemy Within and Long War Mod.


What this does :

--More Money (A LOT more)
--Better Soldiers (start off with much better Aiming, Will, Movement - Less XP per lvl, more psy, etc...)
--More electricity and Sattelite uplink
--Faster building, research, healing, repairing, etc... FASTER EVERYTHING!!!!
--A Lot More UFO items parts recovered from scavenging


Install Instructions :

1) If you have long war working (you should), simply copy this file in your config folder!

Since there is already a folder called "Long War Files" containing Backups of all ini,
you dont even need to do a backup of the file before replacing it.

Normal path would be something like :

(this is where you put the file and overwrite the one that was in)

2) Play and Enjoy (Hopefully!)

UN-Install :

Should you want to remove it, simply delete DefaultGameCore.ini in the config folder
then go to the "Long War Files" folder and copy "(LW Backup) DefaultGameCore.ini" back in the config folder.

Credit goes to the amazing Long War creators!
Taken from their FAQ :
* You have unrestricted permission to distribute alternate ini files for players to install (which is what this is)