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Last updated at 18:57, 4 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 10:26, 4 Nov 2012

Add visual styling to your game with this ENB Series adaptations for XCom:Enemy Unknown.
The updated version contains 2 Dark Effect options and 5 others, including effect of "the good old days".

The included Effects:
- Dark Effect - 2 options (More dark saturated colors)
- OldGame Effect - 2 options (Old New XCom)
- Saturate Effect
- Light Noise Effect
- OldTV Effect
- Observer Effect (I watch you)

1. Copy files from the folder with effect in the game win32 folder.
2. Play.

1. Delete all mod files.

You can adjust this modification for yourself.
If you want changes some settings, you may do this editing enbseries.ini or effect.txt