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Removes duplicate perks from perk trees when they are created stopping promotions from being effected

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This mod removes perks that a solider already possessed from their perk tree when the class is chosen thus preventing issues with levelups.
Great for Special soldiers like Zhang or VanDoorn who already have an extra perk.

Should prevent class defining perks or free reward perks from appearing on each respected soldier in Training Roulette games, though the TR part of this mod has not been tested, so please let me know of any problems.

This was done in non-TrainingRoulette games by using the same storing method that Training Roulette uses to store the perk tree and as such:

This mod will make perk trees in on-going non-TrainingRoulette games disappear. The soldiers will still have the perks obtained but no perks will appear in the trees any longer. Removing the mod will put it back to normal.
It may be possible to get around this by reassigning the class or using the recent "Roulette Trees Shuffle" from Zyxpsilon but if they already have perks chosen from that tree it will unfortunately give free levelups.

Added modified version of "Roulette Trees Shuffle" from Zyxpsilon (go thank/endorse him with the link!) with permission. Pressing 9 on hidden soldier trees from old non-TR saves will now bring their perk trees back (as well as the mod's normal functionality) and wont give free levelups, to accomplish this I temporarily set them to a supersoldier then revert it, I did check the code and this shouldn't turn off achievements but let me know if anything is wrong.
Also fixed bug where picking class in TrainingRoulette games would crash the game, sorry.. this was my derp.

This Mod will likely be incompatable with any mods that alter

If there are any mods you want this to work with, let me know and i will see what I can do

Thanks to TrackTwo for helping me figure out where I was being stupid