XCOM: Enemy Unknown
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Fixes a number of bugs with bonus will and psi abilities.

Permissions and credits
Version 1.1
Fixed a lot of places where combat stims gave a will bonus when active, now it should work like normal LW where it only gives will bonus against psi panic.
Added config options to enable combat stim will bonus to the mod file, so you can enable it if you want it.

Version 1.0

Instances where psi panic would show 100% but still fail.
Killing an alien who has mind controlled a soldier will not give that soldier the fallen comrade debuff and should fix the bug with 0 will hopefully.
If an alien dies while being mind controlled, it will not apply the fallen comrade debuff the the rest of the squad and it will not count as a dead squad member for the xp bonus or prevent 'So others may live' from applying.
Lots of instances where the bonus will from Neural damping, Combat drugs, Legio Patria Nostra, Esprit de corps and penalties from fallen comrade and battle fatigue didn't apply.
  • Mindmerge will bonus and dr
  • Psilance reduction of damage
  • Rift reduction of damage when being attacked and plus damage when using it
  • Defending from psi attacks
  • Using Psi panic
  • Neural feedback damage and chance to succeed
  • Range of Psi Inspiration, Telekinetic Field, Pyrokinesis and Psychokinetic Strike
Psi panic had a fixed duration of 2 turn irregardless of how many turns of panic it rolled. Fixed so duration is the same as nr of panic turns.
If you target a unit that has neural dampning with psi panic it will show 0% chance to hit.
Fixed so aliens get the same -35 penalty when using mind control as xcom.

Have added an optional file that will add popup for hit, crit and psi chance. Inspired by the hit chance mod from beta 15e by sectoidfodder.
It uses the second wave option 'Perfect Information' to check if it should display the popup for aliens.
It must be installed after the main file!

Works with Long War Beta 15f3
Will conflict with any mod that modifies any of the following:

  • UIUnitGermanMode_ShotInfo.UpdateDisplay
  • XGAbility_Targeted.GetUIHitChance
  • XGAbility_Targeted.RollForHit
  • XGAbilityTree.ApplyEffectsToTarget
  • XGAction_Targeting.Executing.DrawSplashRadius
  • XGAction_Targeting.SetChainedDistance
  • XGAIBehavior_Psi.AddBestPsiAbilityToList
  • XGAIPlayer.FindCommonFrayAttackTargets
  • XGTacticalGameCore.CalcPsiLanceDamage
  • XGTacticalGameCore.CalcRiftDamage
  • XGUnit.ApplyNeuralFeedback
  • XGUnit.ClearAffectingAbilityFromSelf
  • XGUnit.OnDeath
  • XGUnit.PassesWillTest
  • XGUnit.PerformPanicTest
  • XGUnit.RecordMoraleLoss
  • XGUnit.RecordMoraleLoss.iLoss
  • XGUnit.RecordMoraleLoss.ReturnValue

Install with PatcherGUI.