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An overhaul of the LW Research and Foundry Projects. This mod reworks the way research works, you choose research paths that lock you off from other options:
Either Beam OR Advanced Ballistic
Either Advanced MECs OR Advanced Gene-Mods

Permissions and credits
I have a couple of streamers starting to play with my mods, the first has already started a campaign with my Overhaul: Project Cerberus.

If you want to see this overhaul mod in action check out ViciousHellsing's stream channel at:


He's also using a few other mods along with some 2nd Wave options such as "We Are Legion".  He normally streams starting at around 8pm Pacific Monday Through Friday, and he intends to play XCom Tuesday through Thursday until XCom 2 launches.

I have begun separating the different changes into their own files.  "A Few Good Men" & "Expanded Officer Training School" are now available as separate downloads.  I plan to release one of these each day this week unless I run in to complications, they should be as follows:

  • A Few Good Men
  • Profittable War
  • OTS Expanded
  • Additional Classes

Keep in mind if you have other custom 2nd Wave mods installed some changes will have to be made in order to make both this mod and the other work together, specifically if the other mod uses #30 as mine does.  If you are using notepad++ you can find the other GameplayToggles starting around line 2417 and ending around line 2506, otherwise use [ctrl + f] and do a search for "m_arrGameplayToggleTitle".  If you already started a game with this mod installed but didn't select the associated 2nd Wave option you'll need to start a new campaign to see the changes.

This is a weapon and armor overhaul that changes the way weapons and armor are unlocked via a re-worked Research and Foundry Project Progression.

Required Mods\Files:
  • Long War b15f3
  • Patcher GUI

Modified Classes:
  • XGFacility_Labs
  • XGFacility_Engineering
  • XGFacility_Barracks
  • XGHeadquarters
  • XGTechTree
  • XGItemTree
  • XComHeadquartersCheatManager
  • XGBarracksUI
  • XGHeadQuarters
  • XGGameData
  • XGLocalizedData

Re-worked Research Tech Tree:  Tech Tree that has definable paths that require choices, choosing specific techs will lock off access to others:
  • Beam, Pulse, and EMP are their own path
  • Advanced Ballistics, Gauss, and Fusion are their own path
  • Choosing Beam locks you off from Advanced Ballistics and subsequent research
  • Choosing Advanced Ballistics locks you off from Beam and subsequent research
  • Choosing Gene Mod Recovery locks you off from Mobile Combat Exoskeletons and Heavy Combat Exoskeletons
  • Choosing Mobile Combat Exoskeletons or Heavy Combat Exoskeletons locks you off from Gene Mod Recovery
Re-defined Techs:  Certain techs have been modified in order to balance the different definable paths that only allow one direction choice
  • Gene Mod Recovery(removes Improved Combat Exoskeletons): reduces fatigue penalty for Gene Mods
  • Advanced Fusion Weaponry(removes Vehicular Plasma Weapons): increases the effectiveness of Fusion weapons
  • Advanced Ballistic Weaponry(removes Precision Plasma Weapons): increases the effectiveness of Ballistic weapons
  • Advanced Cooling Technology(removes Heavy Plasma Weapons): used to restructure unlocking of weapons and armor
  • Micro Techologies(removes Compact Plasma Weapons): used to restructure unlocking of weapons and armor
  • Alien Cybernetics(removes Experimental Warfare): used to restructure unlocking of weapons and armor
Additional Foundry Projects:  In order to restructure the gameplay in a unique way I have created additional foundry projects which is what will be used to unlock different tiers of weapons
  • MEC Exoskeleton Advancements
  • Improved MEC Defense Systems
  • Improved MEC Power Systems
  • Beam Cooling Systems
  • Beam Alloy Chasis
  • Advanced Beam Discharge
  • Improved Gauss Ammo Casing
  • Fused Gauss Chamber
  • Gauss Interchangable Core
  • Pulse Discharge Adaptation
  • Enhanced Pulse Charge
  • Enhanced Fusion Concepts
Expanded OTS Upgrades:  I was always a fan of recruiting higher ranked Squaddies later in the game, rather than always getting Rookies.  For this reason I have brought that back, and expanded on it!  You can gain higher ranked soldiers up to Sgt by purchasing the following OTS Upgrades:
  • Extended Bootcamp
  • Specialist Training
  • Improved Training Facilities
  • Best of the Best

Customizable Weapon Class System:  There is a new .ini file that will be attached with the download, DefaultAltTree.ini.  Rather than add more things to the existing DGC.ini file I wanted to make things much simpler to locate.  Inside the new .ini file you will find instruction on how to properly make adjustments without causing issues with the game.
Item Restructure:  Many of the item requirements have been changed to mix up the gameplay for those already familiar with how Long War works  This feature has not been working properly and has been abandoned for the time being, with XCom 2 just over the horizon and getting closer this feature may or may not get addressed before I change over to modding XCom 2.

Current Focus: Currently I have turned my attention to creating a new class(or classes)
that work differently than the existing ones.  Perk trees will remain
but there will be additional defining factors to make them feel different.
The existing classes will still have their roles, something the new ones
won't be designed to replace, but I want the new class(classes) to be more
Other Ideas:    With XCom 2 getting closer and Fallout 4 getting modding support soon I'm
starting to shift my focus away from XCom EU/EW.  Here are some ideas I've
considered, but will only work on if there's some sort of demand for them:

  • A big thanks to the Long War team for creating a wonderful mod that only encourages further creativity.  This mod is in addition to their wonderful work and the LW b15f3 is required in order to install this mod.
  • I want to give a special thanks to both WGhost and TrackTwo, without their help I wouldn't have even gotten as far as I have. 
  • Thanks also to WGhost for Patcher GUI, also a requirement to install this mod.
  • Also want to make a special thanks to JL, without his help it would have taken me a good deal longer to familiarize myself with the xcom code
  • Azxeus has been a huge help in making the changes to my mods in order to have each of them work the way intended, a very special thanks to him and his efforts