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Tech-Trees deployed straight into the XCom-Database

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In a few simple words, the XCom-Database  menu option and its articles have been replaced by a gathering of cool Tech-Trees (via Images) that allows anyone to inspect various gameplay facts in a somehow comprehensive manner.


The essentials are exposed by a total of 41 sections distributed in specific categories such as Weapons & Armors, Research, Gameplay Concepts, Engineering & Foundry and Hangar. Everything about the 'Long War' ruleset was carefully re-organized within a custom Alpha-Numeric system of references while assembling related elements in a "Drop-Down" fashion that goes from initial components (Dubbed "STARTERS") to the end. As a result, i think most details (specifically, HOW they are being structured) are receiving better focus & will provide you with swift intuitive analysis patterns.
Thus -- intellectual Logic really is a business of *FUN*!

To be honest, this was a HUGE undertaking. It required a lot of time and "Brain" energy from me.

NOTE; This version is an indirect concept that is based on a much more complex tool which is planned to be integrated as a true menu option with plenty of nerdy features including; Selection Lists, Search Functions, Costs, Hovering Details, & other concerns.

** It is highly recommended that you read the README file as it contains important installation instructions & more.

-- Enjoy!


Gee, that was fast!
An update had to be uploaded for this already. Two small things were fixed.

1) The Installation file for Mod-Manager had a slight flaw (as discovered by ObelixDK, thanks). Some blank UPK instruction needed to be inserted.
2) I had skipped two Aeroscape-Credits (#) tags on the FB panel for F38 & F39. This was corrected also.

NOTE : As of December 28th... except for a few small technical corrections (to the original INT texts) which i'll have to do a bit later, this is compatible with Long War #1 !! ;)


EDIT : Version 1.2 is now available. It fixes a few small things and should no longer be installed with Mod_Manager. Consult the ReadME file for further details!