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Customize your XCOM campaign start by tweaking almost any of the strategic game state.

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New: Try the JumpStarter web app to build a .ini file: (Very beta! Looks terrible! Report bugs on the bug tab!)

See below for frequently asked questions and answers for common problems

JumpStart is a mod for Long War that allows you to customize the start of your campaign. Want to start in effectively the Summer of the first year with laser weapons and carapace armor and wide middle-rank roster? Start basically at the end game with a fully loaded squad and fully ranked volunteer, ready to assault the temple ship? Start in March with accelerated alien research, a bunch of noobs, but one set of precious plasma weapons that cannot be replaced until researched the hard way? All possible.

The available options to set as part of the campaign are:

  • Starting date
  • Starting resources (e.g. money, alloys or scientists)
  • Starting alien stats (alien resources, research, and X-Com threat level)
  • Research projects completed
  • Foundry projects completed
  • OTS projects completed
  • Facilities built
  • Specific soldiers in the barracks, specifying rank, class, PSI rank, perks, gender, country, appearance, and voice
  • Bulk soldier addition to the barracks, specifying only rank
  • Add arbitrary items to X-Com's storage
  • Set starting panic level for countries
  • Set starting satellite coverage over countries
  • Set initial alien controlled countries
  • Set initial airforce including ship loadout and kill counts
  • Set EXALT as starting active and set the number of recovered EXALT clues

Frequently Asked Questions

XCom crashes to desktop when I try to start a new game.

This is usually a problem with a very complex .ini file, especially if you set huge numbers of items in your inventory or add large numbers (>100) of soldiers in your barracks. It's a limitation in unreal where the engine will intentionally crash the game if a script runs for too long. I can sometimes work around this, so please post a bug and link the ini file that causes the crash and I can investigate.

There are no aliens on missions, just red circles with no alien models

Your start date is set before the LW start date, which defaults to Mar 1, 2016. This gives the aliens negative research (as negative days have passed since the start of the game according to LW) and causes problems with alien pod composition on missions.

My Mecs or OTS upgrades are acting funny or not working at all

The game expects you to have the corresponding facility in your base when these things exist. If you don't have the facility some things may not work at all or be buggy. Make sure you add the corresponding facility.