XCOM: Enemy Unknown
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Set the head size, body size, and voice pitch of each of your soldiers. Many new skin colors also available. Create completely unique or alien looking soldiers.

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I recommend that you install this mod using Long War Mod Manager (http://www.nexusmods.com/xcom/mods/620/?). Alternatively you can use PatcherGUI 7.1 or better if you wish. This mod has been tested on Long War beta15f and 1.0.

This mod allows you to change your soldier's head size, body size and voice pitch from the soldier customisation screen. The range of available skin colours has also been greatly increased - you're no longer limited to skin tones. SHIV body size, weapon size and colour can be customised too!
You can create a "sectoid" soldier by selecting a small body size, large head, and setting the voice to high pitched. Put a full face helmet on it and you'll find it hard to tell the difference.
Similarly you could create muton and berserker soldiers with large bodies and heads, and deep voices.
Or just create goofy looking soldiers - have fun!

Here's what it looks like in action:

As of version 1.0b, the number ranges for the new parameters have been increased.

Voice Pitch can range from 1 to 99 (50 = normal speech)
Head Size can range from 1 to 199 (50 = normal size, 1 = headless)
Body Size can range from 1 to 99 (50 = normal size)

TIP: When using a keyboard/mouse you can hold down the left and right arrow keys (on your keyboard) to quickly increase/decrease a setting value after you select it by clicking on one of the small arrow buttons on screen. You don't have to click the button 99 times. 

If you already have an older version installed you'll have to uninstall it first before installing this one. Use PatcherGUI's ".uninstall.txt" file that it created when you first intalled this mode to uninstall it. 

This mod is NOT compatible with my "Speech Tweak" and "Big Head" mods as it replaces their functionality. It's safe to install this "over" them without uninstalling them first though.


There's an optional "Enhanced Randomized Soldiers (optional).txt" mod included in the download zip that you can use to randomize the body size, head size and voice pitch of new soldiers. It also creates 2 types of "alien" soldier! 

It extends the range of hairstyles, hair colors, facial hair, and helmets available to any soldier generated by the game. It also randomizes the soldiers voice pitch, head size and body size to make your soldiers truly unique.


The "Enhanced Randomized Soldiers" mod also has the ability to create "alien" soldiers if you allow it to do so. If you want aliens on your team find the following line in the file:

ALIAS=PercentageChanceOfAlienSoldier: <%b 0> // % chance a soldier will be an "alien"

and change the 0 to a value between 1 and 100. For example, set it to 20 if you want 20% of your soldiers to be "aliens".
There are 2 types of alien that can be created:
- Type 1 is big and muton like with a deep voice.
- Type 2 is small and sectoid like with a high pitched voice.
"Alien" soldiers will be given a random skin color and full face helmets. Their flag will be set to XCom and they will have random "alien" names assigned to them. If you prefer to use your own name list you can disable the alien name generation by changing the settings in the file.
You can also configure the "alien" type parameters (body size/head size/voice pitch) foe both alien types if you so wish.


The "Enhanced Randomized Soldiers" mods now also includes the "Gender and Race Aware" mod functionality. It allows you to generate custom name lists that include gender and race information. 

Simply create a list of names in a plain text file, one name per line. To indicate gender, set the first character of the name to be "1" for male, "2" for female, e.g.:

1John Smith
2Sally Jones

If you don't specify a gender code it will be assigned randomly. This means you can still use your existing custom name files with this mod installed. To indicate a race you MUST first set the gender as above, then also set the 2nd character of the name as follows:

"1" - Caucasian
"2" - African
"3" - Asian
"4" - Hispanic

11John Travolta
12Mike Tyson
13Bruce Lee
24Jennifer Lopez

If race is not specified in the name it will be assigned randomly.

All the available code combinations are:

11 - Caucasian Male
12 - African Male
13 - Asian Male
14 - Hispanic Male
21 - Caucasian Female
22 - African Female
23 - Asian Female
24 - Hispanic Female

Once you have created and saved your name list, copy and paste it into the "XCom Namelist Generator" web site:

Click on the "Download for Long War Beta 15" button to download a file named "DefaultNameList.ini". In your [XCOM Install Path]\XEW\XComGame\Config\ folder, make a backup copy of your existing DefaultNameList.ini file before replacing it with the file you downloaded.

Now the next time soldiers are added to your baracks, they will be selected from your custom name list and assigned the appropriate gender and race. Included in the zip file package is "famouspeople.txt" which is a text file already set up with names, genders and races. There's also a 
DefaultNameList.ini file containing these names already formatted for Long War beta 15.

  • 1.0a Initial release
  • 1.0b Range values increased
  • 1.0c Download now comes bundled with Enhanced Randomized Soldiers mod
  • 1.0d SHIV body size can now be customized. Unfortunately armor tint and voice customization is not possible.
  • 1.0e SHIV Weapon size can now be set via "Head Size". SHIV Armor tint can now be set. Fixed bug that reset body/voice/head size when skin colour changed. Note that if you have more than 1 SHIV on a mission, they will all be set to the same color as the last SHIV. I don't know why this happens... yet.
  • 1.0f Each SHIV now correctly displays in it's own colour when more than 1 is selected for a mission (previously all SHIVs would take on colour of the first SHIV)
  • 1.0g SHIV's name now appears on the SHIV health 'flag' (instead of just "SHIV"). Because SHIV's are special. SHIV's name is now used in the "SHIV was destroyed" message 
  • 1.0h SHIV~### display bug fixed (when "Perfect Information" is enabled)
  • 1.0i Tweaked helmet/hair scaling to minimize 'hair float' issue for soldiers with small to normal head sizes. The optional "Enhanced Randomized Soldiers" mods included with this mod now also include "Gender and Race Aware" mod functionality which allows you to use custom name lists that include race and gender info. 
  • 1.0j Merged deployment position fix (included in LW 1.0) into the mod.
  •        Fixed some more instances where SHIV name would display encoded colour and size info