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Remembers last-used soldiers on the squad selection screen

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= Remember Last Squad for XCom EW Long War (15e)
= Author: Kvalyr
Unlike vanilla EU/EW, Long War forgets your last used squad after a 
mission, which isn't usually a problem in LW because the soldiers are
usually out of action due to fatigue anyway.

However, if you start a mission after all of your soldiers have 
recovered or if you play with changes that reduce/eliminate soldier 
fatigue, the squad still won't be auto-populated by your last-used

This mod is a hack to revert this behaviour in LW and make it more
like vanilla EU/EW. If your last-used soldiers are available and 
ready to fight, they will be placed into the empty squad automatically
on the squad selection screen.

Note: This mod also includes a minor bugfix that ensures that soldiers 
with zero actual fatigue after a mission don't get marked as 'Fatigued' 
when returning to base.

Use UPKUtils/PatcherGUI to apply the Z_LongWar_RememberSquad.txt patch file.
Backing up your XComStrategyGame.upk file is always recommended with
UPK mods.

Use UPKUtils/PatcherGUI to apply the Z_LongWar_RememberSquad.txt.uninstall.txt
that was created when you installed the mod, or restore your backup of

This mod is an ugly hack that completely rewrites the affected functions 
because I haven't gotten around to working out the jump/offset changes
needed to do it as a clean patch.

Thus, any other mods that make changes to the following functions may end 
up inadvertently broken or replaced by this mod: 
* XGFacility_Barracks.SelectSoldiersForSkyrangerSquad
* XGFacility_Barracks.DetermineTimeOut

Author: Kvalyr
This mod is a minor edit made possible by some awesome community tools
and documentation such as wghost81's UPK Patcher and Eliot's UE Explorer.

Obviously, as a mod for Long War this mod would not exist without the 
amazing work of the LW team.