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Modifies the base fatigue amounts added to soldiers by missions (before the RAND_DAYS_INJURED_TANK multiplier is applied)

Permissions and credits
= Modify Mission Fatigue for XCom EW Long War (15e)
= Author: Kvalyr
Long War includes a DGC multiplier for Fatigue (RAND_DAYS_INJURED_TANK)
but it applies to all sources of fatigue (such as psi perks and genemods)
and scales them the same as it scales base soldier fatigue.

If a genemod adds 4 hours of fatigue and RAND_DAYS_INJURED_TANK is at 50%
then the genemod will add 2 hours of fatigue, but its in-game description
will still say '4 hours'.

This mod allows you to change the amount of fatigue added to soldiers 
by missions independently of other sources.
This allows, for instance, leaving RAND_DAYS_INJURED_TANK at 100% and
getting fatigue values from perks/genemods consistent with the ingame

It also makes negative fatigue values from perks more feasible.
Without this mod, if you modified a psi perk or genemod to reduce fatigue
(instead of adding fatigue), the amount of fatigue it removes would be 
scaled by RAND_DAYS_INJURED_TANK even though it is a negative value.

Use UPKUtils/PatcherGUI to apply the Z_LongWar_ModifyFatigue.txt patch file.
Backing up your XComStrategyGame.upk file is always recommended with
UPK mods.

Use UPKUtils/PatcherGUI to apply the Z_LongWar_ModifyFatigue.txt.uninstall.txt
that was created when you installed the mod, or restore your backup of

Author: Kvalyr
This mod is a minor edit made possible by some awesome community tools
and documentation such as wghost81's UPK Patcher and Eliot's UE Explorer.

Obviously, as a mod for Long War this mod would not exist without the 
amazing work of the LW team.