XCOM: Enemy Unknown
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A replacement DefaultGameCore.ini that makes Long War generally easier. Buffed MECs, lowered fatigue and injury timers, et cetera et cetera.

Permissions and credits
Up to date as of Long War 1.0 Final

I created this for SomethingAwful and figured that I'd upload it for everyone. This alters many of Long War's attributes to be more balanced and 'fair' to the players. All of these changes are easily moddable in the DefaultGameCore.ini, and this mod merely replaces that file. 

To install, just replace DefaultGameCore.ini in SteamApps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\XComGame\Config

To uninstall, just reinstall Long War.

Note that this mod will only work with Long War b15f. Every update to Long War changes the DefaultGameCore.ini, so don't use if this mod is out of date. I will try and make sure this stays up to date, so it'll usually be updated within a day or so with compatible changes.


Exalt Health Reduced
Fatigue and Injury Timers Reduced
Officer Fatigue Penalty Reduced
Soldiers suffering Critical Wounds no longer lose will
Air Evade Defense Reduced to 25 from 30
Rocket Scatter Reduced
Base UFO Alloys increased on Normal, Classic and Brutal difficulties
Reduced Alloys lost on UFO Crash
Reduced Elerium lost on UFO Crash
Increased Alloy/Elerium Rebate for Workshops by 50%
Cut Interceptor Repair times to 1/3 base
Interceptor Rearm Hours Reduced to 1 day
Mec Flamethrower Damage Buffed from 4-6 to 6-8
Battlescanners Useable by All soldiers
MEC Suits buffed (changes listed in readme).
Minimum Mobility raised from 11-12
Increase workshop rebate
Removed fatigue penalty for critically wounded soldiers