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Inspired Echoic's Reaction Fire Mod, but updated for use inside of XCOM: LW.
(Tested in Longwar Beta 15b, let me know how well it works in later versions)

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Hunter's Reaction Fire Mod Longwar Beta 15b 1.00

This mod is just a simple modification to the defaultgamecore.ini file in the EW config folder. Reaction fire is a default function cut from the game at some point in the development, but never taken out of the ini for some reason.

In the ini file, the Reaction setting is set to 0 for all characters, I've modified it so that XCOM soldiers have a reaction rating of 50, meaning they have a 50% chance of shooting a moving enemy once per tile they move. (Yes, I know that seems a bit excessive, but in my testing of this, the soldiers rarely ever use reaction fire, due to the AI's affinity to not move after they are seen.) This doesn't get rid of the need of Overwatch, due to the fact that it won't happen every single time the enemy moves. Unless you are that friking lucky. All organic enemies (i.e. Sectoids, floaters, mutons) have a reaction rating of 20. (You'll realize that the AI is far luckier than you if you aren't careful with how you move.)

Another modification I made to the ini, is that all weapons that had a default reaction angle of 200, (Meaning that anything in front of it or to the sides has the chance of triggering reaction fire, while not on over-watch, in which case it is 360)  to 315. Due to the fact that when you go into cover, you put your back against the wall, and usually the direction that your enemies are coming from.


I recommend that before you use this mod, you create a copy of the INI file, so that if you want to stop using it, all you have to do is switch out the files.

After you download the file, open up the config folder located in the C:/programfiles/steam/steamapps/common/Xcom-Enemy-Unknown/XEW/XComgame
Remove the DefaultGameCore.ini file (Either by deleting, or just removing the file from the folder.)
Add file.
Start new game. (I don't know if reaction fire will modify current soldiers in a previous game, but it will affect any new games and new soldiers. If someone could figure this out for me, I would appreciate it.