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This is a Long War mod made for new players
Difficulties are changed to make it more easy to accomodate

Permissions and credits
Making LW easier while still keeping the challenge
This is a mod based on http://www.nexusmods.com/xcom/mods/506/?
Since there were some bugs with it and it wasn't updated for a while i've decided to make my own mod based on it
Please enjoy and let me know if it's needed to fix some items
Start the Game in Normal Mode!

A Small Showcase


The modifications are:

Lower starting Panic(from 200 points randomly distributed to 100)
Decreased panic increase(only 10% don't think the panic won't trouble you late game)

Lowered the xp required to level XCOM operatives
Start with 8 members that have +1 HP
Reduced operatives in Barracks and Increased Barracks Limit (you start with 20 ... don't forget to buy new ones they are cheaper so don't worry)

[Satellite & AirGame]
1 day for transfer interceptor 
Interceptor repair time at 100% dmg set to 16.(6) days
Price dropped back to 140 (0.3)
Rearm in 12 hours
Sattelite, Uplink and nexus prices dropped by 10% (0.3)
Sattelite,uplink and nexus craft time set to 18 days (0.3)

Halved the time of shiv rebuild for alloy and hover (0.3)
Halved all Shivs repair time per point of dmg (0.3)
decreased the chance (to 75%) chance of offscreen kills resulting in zombies on Chryssalid terror missions (0.3)
Increased alloys per kill by 1 (only from aliens that drop it) (0.3)
Increased starting money

For Instalation simply drop the files into [YourSteamLibrary]\SteamApps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\XComGame\Config
Note it is based on Long War 3 Beta 15

::A offtopic note::
This mod was made for a friend ... I've decided to make it since I've been before in unreal engine configs ...
We love XCOM but he had troubles enjoying the increased difficulty of Long War...