XCOM: Enemy Unknown
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Adds damage indicator for UFOs during interception minigame.

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Interception UFO Damage Display v1.0
by XMarksTheSpot

Update News

This mod has been integrated into the Long War mod since version Beta 15 - if you're looking to add this mod to Long War your wish has already been granted!


  • adds a damage indicator for UFOs in the interception minigame mirroring the behavior of the interceptor damage display
  • note to UnrealScript modders:
    • the mod adds an ActionScript hook to toggle off the UFO damage display on demand via calling Invoke("HideUFODamage") from within the UIInterceptionEngagement UnrealScript class; this allows to conditionally toggle the display off (which is on by default)


  • install via PatcherGUI (courtesy of wghost81) using the appropriate mod file for your game version:
    • UFOHealthEU.txt — if you are running Enemy Unknown (base game without expansion)
    • UFOHealthEW.txt — if you are running Enemy Within or the Long War mod (up to version Beta 14d)
    • UFOHealthLW.txt — if you are running the Long War mod (versions Beta 14e through 14i)
  • important note for EW and LW versions:
    • make sure to extract the gfxInterception.background_border_small.Texture2D file alongside the main mod file


  • Ellatan for helping with UnrealScripting
  • wghost81 for helping with creating PatchUPK mod files
  • main tools used: JPEXS, UE Explorer, UPK Modder