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This makes the Long War mod easier while but retaining its rich feature set.

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Long War is by far the most comprehensive and impressive mod that I've played in strategy game. It also can be unbelievably difficult.
<br /><br /> I spent a month tweaking this mod until I reached what I consider to be a smoother, more easily balanced version of this. Easy war combines the complexity and  richness of Long War with the smooth difficulty curve of vanilla Xcom.
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<br /><br />Easy War is a modification of the Long War mod that makes it easier while retaining the rich feature set. While still more challenging than vanilla X-com, this is what I envisioned Long War to be if it had an "easy" setting.
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<br /><br />To install, first install the Long War mod here on Nexus, then drop these two files in the folder ...SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\XComGame\Config
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<br /><br />This will replace DefaultGameCore.ini and DefaultGameData.ini. After this you're Ready to play!
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<br /><br />The game includes the following adjustments and more:
<br /><br />
<br /><br />Adjustments to xp required to level up, and beginning stats (giving soldiers more of a chance of survival and developing them fully)
<br /><br />Adjustments to materials found through the game (reducing some but not all of the resource scarcity)
<br /><br />Adjustments to the damage done and given by soldiers and aliens
<br /><br />Stun gun now fits in pistol holster
<br /><br />Squad now starts with ten people (I'm not sure if this expands into twelve or not but 12 felt like it took too much time to order people around and eight felt as if they were always outnumbered)
<br /><br />And finally, significantly reduced terror ratings on your cities. Ignoring a few abductions is no longer.
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