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Version #6.0 for --- LONG-WAR

Compatibility update to their pivotal finalized #1.0 version!!

I'll just have to quote a section of the LW6-ReadME file to expose a quick summary of its new & old features or content...
a) The TPF files packaging of "ALL" is now much tighter while "MyFix" mostly gets various model textures (Medkit, Arc, Exalt Towers, MEC Weapons, SkyRanger Ramp with its "Deploy Formula hint", etc), the usual custom 7 flags and the Perk-Icons fixes to support their new call settings.

b) Each Rank text labels are now matched with their corresponding Icons coloring theme.

c) A number of UI+HUD elements have also been enhanced with "better" coloring schemas.

d) The installation process was optimized a little more by structuring the files into special folders and getting the naming convention to follow more accurate cycles/sequences.

e) Since "LW-Pedia_DB" is now being included into this mod... it was revised and repaired as need be.
Come to think of it, this whole Re-Coloring  secondary project (for LW) really was a wild ride of creative control... an In-The-Zone  "Power Trip", so to speak. All of it being -at least- personal choices (my artistic instincts played a very important role during that quest for a properly immersive concept with alternate stuff) but no less of a huge gathering of custom features where wicked Color Schemas dominate the UI and multiple gameplay areas - Tactical or Strategy layers included!

It will be much better and easier for you to simply consult each of the ReadMe files in folders.

Have fun with nearly a thousand new textures and -- see ya all when the giga-blast XCom2 hits our gaming realities & hopes.. hard, real hard! :)


Version #5.0 for --- LONG-WAR

Updates anything to be compatible with Beta15F features.

-- Basicly adapts the Patcher files to various code changes introduced by the LW-Team.
-- Adds a few Textures (namely, MotionScanner) that are now part of the core assets.
-- Further develops the coloring of INT strings since a few elements were still missing from the LW4 package.

As usual... READ the instructions and contact me in the thread should you require further details.

Play - with colors!

Version #4.0 for --- LONG-WAR

I'll be honest with you my friends!

This *IS* a major update with a lot of new HUD+UI assets. Screens, Text strings, Icons, Buttons... almost everything is now being integrated in the basic coloring schema. Variety that offers immersion factors along with cute stuff and so on.
GREYS + REDS + More.. rather than (too much) CYANS. ;)

-- Compatible with LW-Beta15E4 (test version)
-- LW3-Addons weren't changed, so the previous file for those remains valid.

Please contact me in the development thread should you have any troubles during installation and (as a priority comment once again) -- DO read the README files!!

Have fun! :)

PS; June 2nd-PM Update... Note that the previous Nexus "moderator fix and archiving process" on that file went really bad! I've just uploaded a new but valid version of it.

Version #3 for --- LONG-WAR (ReCLR-LW3 + ReCLR-LW3_AddOns);

Both of them are now available!

In a swift summary...

-- The Strategy & Tactical Layers get even more coloring attentions.
-- Everything has been adapted to LW-Beta15D2.
-- Packaging structure has been optimized for easier distribution and "Playing With".

Please visit my thread for more details and do NOT forget to read the usual README files, you'll need all the information they provide.

Enjoy. ;)

Version #2.1 --- LONG-WAR (ReCLR-LW2_AddOns-1);

Mostly, three new alternatives for the "WTH-_" sets along with the finished "CC-M" file that offers custom Corpses & Captives (some preview images are in the thread).
This (AddOns) ZIP file will eventually expand with more similar assets or supplemental features.

Please consult the included README for further details.

Version #2 for --- LONG-WAR (ReCLR_LW2);

Frankly, this is a HUGE update (900+ files & textures) so it would be almost pointless for me to try detailing everything - new and old.
Let's just state the essentials here and before you start downloading that very big Zip file.

1) Currently compatible with Beta15B (and probably further iterations too).

2) Requires TexMod.

3) It's highly recommended that you consult the README documents included with that file. Reasons? Installation will be much easier, direct explanations of features are given, i patiently took important personal time and precious energy to provide you with that thorough help.

Should you need more information, please visit the ReCoLoRing Projects thread (as usual).

Have even more magically recolored fun in Long War!!

PS; If you truly like all of that work... don't forget to Endorse & VOTE for it please, btw

Version #1.1 --- LONG-WAR (AddOns);

New and updated assets.
Please refer to the Re-CLR thread for further details and also -- make sure to consult the included README file for install instructions.

Version #1 for --- LONG-WAR (ReCLR_LW1);

Fairly simple -- mostly everything that was already available below (for EW) has been enhanced and re-designed to reflect a Reddish'ly Theme within your LW games.
I won't have to go through each specific details since you can always go to the ReCoLoRing Projects Forum thread where i'll be providing whatever is necessary.

Enjoy -- and if you truly like this huge (587 files) gathering of custom UI assets, please consider Endorsing this file!


VERSION THREE, released...

Just a few more items were added to the usual package.
I am also changing the distribution method for easier managing.
PRCEM + BFRAFP + CORCAP + FOTSUI are now combined as the only four main files. The entire maps pack can be found in the miscellaneous section.

See further below for the changelog...


VERSION TWO, now available. ;)

Oh -- XCom -- Baby... THAT was a lot of work!
Many new things, a few updates... if anything, this re-coloring concept is now much more obvious and complex.
And, i'm not done yet. :)
For any further details, keep track of the project thread and read about some of these updates in the CHANGELOG section below.

Have (even more) fun, Commanders!


VERSION ONE introduction;

This project has very simple intentions; re-Color almost anything where it makes "some personal" sense to do so.
I always felt a bit strange about the whole Cyan-Blueish interface choices made by Firaxis staff & Artists. My problem? There's *TOO* much of it... everywhere!!

So -- i managed to create a new set of multiple files that does a fairly good job at recoloring a number of elements & items. Good being whatever you might want to judge all by yourselves.

I'll be explaining much more about the entire project later on in a dedicated Forum thread. Keep watch for it -- soon!

In the meantime, enjoy this work. I gave it my best shot. :)

PS; Note that the extra zip files (ABCD) are simple Combo-Pack of individual TPFs already included in the Main ReCLR_Package-ONE fileset! Just in case, you'd want to try a few -- only. ;)

#3; PACKAGE-THREE (Released on May 19th/14)

** NEW:

- FOTSUI adds these;
a) The screen edge tags (or "triangular" icons) were slightly redesigned to give focus on the "Meld timer numbers" and their direction hint with triple arrows.
b) The Exalt X-Marker in the Situation Room has been replaced by a Red Check-Mark on a Tilted Yellow Hexagon... which integrates somehow better within the Panic squares row.
c) The Units cursor (circle) were refined too. XCom has a Logo shape and Aliens are (well!) more obvious now. The animations (Shot At, mind controlled, attacking, etc) are redesigned accordingly. This is mainly the reason why another version (3) was uploaded.
d) The map "Grid" texture is also changed with a "four edge curves" image. I found that it is less intrusive and yet, clear enough to make detection easier.


-- PRCEM... the Rank Icons were softened a bit more to fit better over (my) Flags in the Barracks list. As a result, their tactical tags are smoother! :)


#2; PACKAGE-TWO (Released on February 2nd/14)

** NEW:

- Each Build-Facilities (added a set for the Confirm popups), Research Archives & Credits, Foundry Projects, Interrogations & Autopsies can be found in the ReCLR_BFRAFP core pack. Also corrected the Grey'ishly White overlay to prevent the Top-Right values from being blended-in and obscured.

- Slightly smaller Medal Tags (similar in design with the usual Classes box).

- Nine (zapped!) Captives are included along with the previous fifteen Corpses images (3 of which were updated to eliminate the "..destroyed" overlays) in ReCLR_CorCap. Planning to offer extra-sets as hinted by the tiny Chryssalid (with red framing) on the Preview snapshot.

- Introducing a few Map images with some bottom right small tags to illustrate their types. These are Vanilla only while i intend to complete the whole set. I will also create new designs once ToolBok finally gives us the Camera-Pitch option... again!


- Perks & RCEM files are now combined within the ReCLR_PRCEM (:duh:) pack. Flame, Torch, Burn... this MEC perk (i wanted IT to be red!) gave me such a silly quest for the proper texture _0x_ reference.

- The Classes Promotion Tags have been correctly added to the Abilities (Left Side Panel) screen.

- A new WayPoint image (Instead of the default bigger Diamond-Shaped with -!-) is available.

- OTS for EU "Don'tDieOnMe" added.

- ReCLR_FOTSUI offers new and updated items as shown by the Preview "OPERATION Projects". Namely, some; Exalt popups, UI Buttons-Icons, Objectives (AlienBase, Overseer, TempleShip), Hire & Order, etc.

So, essentially a fine-tuning job of specific items and a bunch of new stuff to play with.

#1; PACKAGE-ONE (Released on December 30th/13)

(-- End of Changelog --)