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This mod changes some vanilla values for certain alien types probability for each month and allows relatively easy way to implement your own possible aliens distribution.

Permissions and credits
03/11/2014 - updated for EW patch 3
03/01/2014 - updated for EW patch 2

Use PatcherGUI to install.

Mods for changing alien squad composition through game:
- Possible Aliens Tweaker
- Commander Type Progression

Possible Aliens Tweaker

Primary goal of this mod is to make possible relatively easy modifications of alien types and their weights for each game month.

PossibleAliens.txt expands original function to allow more flexible alien progress tweaking.

PossibleAliensTweaker.txt is used for actual tweaking of alien types weights and limits.

There are some predefined modifications, included in PossibleAliens.txt:
- By default all limits for all difficulties are set to 255 (i.e. no limits for any type of alien).
- Mechtoid Alt (Mechtoid with Sectoid Commanders) replaces regular Mechtoid (with Sectoids).
- Cyberdisc has more weight and should appear more often.
- Some minor tweaks to allow for more aliens variety (late-game mostly).

Should be compatible with existing saves. Does not affects EXALT. Not tested with DLCs.


Commander Type Progression

Changes commanding alien progression so Sectoid Commanders will appear in July and Etherials in October even if you haven't completed corresponding storyline missions. If you do complete storyline missions, corresponding commanders will appear regardless of the game month.

Compatible with Possible Aliens Tweaker. Should be compatible with existing saves.

Note: if you won't be able to stun an Outsider before it is replaced by other commander, you can either uninstall this mod to obtain Outsider Shard or add Outsiders as regular soldiers with "Possible Aliens Tweaker".