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X-COM map pack enables more maps in the game

Permissions and credits
Version 0.3

16 new abduction maps
1 new ufo map
6 new terror maps

New maps will appear randomly during the game, the same way as all other existing maps (old maps still appear in the game, this mods adds maps and does not replace them). New maps may not be balanced as well as original maps, so for 0.3 version of this mod, non Ironman games are advised.

The main branch (23 maps) of this mod is designed for people who own both XCOM Enemy Within and Slingshot. In 0.3 release I added support for those who do not have Enemy Within, but such version adds only a limited number of maps (4), maily because my new maps are based on upks from EW. No EW = less fun.
If you do not own Slingshot and would like to play this mod, please contact me and send me your ini files, so I can convert them and upload on nexus.

Install procedure:
Replace your own DefaultMaps.ini with the attached file (make a backup first). You may need to use a tool to enable modding, like https://github.com/fperks/xcom-mod-helper or Toolbooks. DefaultMaps.ini is located in XCOM EW config folder. Mine was at C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam steamapps/common/XCom-Enemy-Unknown/XEW/XComGame/Config ). Of course, if you do not have EW, location will be slightly different, but will follow same pattern

Important notice:
If you encounter any bugs, can you send me your save file ? It's best when save is just before you send skyranger to a mission and when you see mission already on a geoscape. It will make it easier for me to fix it.

Additional note:
Please keep in mind that maps are selected randomly and that EW has some algorithm that pushes EW maps over others. Maps from Map Pack will be used randomly and it may take a while until you see them all. If you want to have them appear faster, just disable other maps (parameter "in rotation = false" should disable a map). If new missions are dominant, give me a shout with details how many missions did you play and how many of them were new/old. Tell me if this is your first game in EW or if you beat it already multiple times. Also make sure to let me know which version of mod if was, like 0.1 or 0.2 etc


a) Added new terror mission:
- Deluge
b) Added support for players who do not have Enemy Within:
- 4 abduction maps (police station, restaurant, highway1, military ammo)
c) Fixed broken DLC / special missions which lost their story scripts in 0.1 and 0.2 (examples: regular Zhang extraction, regular Dam mission with Annette, regular Chryssalid Hive with zombies and chryssalids etc)

a) Added 5 new terror maps based on existing EW maps:
- Chryssalid Hive
- Small Scout Farm
- Small Scout Nuked City
- Small Scout Roadhouse
- Large Scout City
Those UFO maps will have regular terror missions on them, with extra loot from alien ships if player wins a mission.

a) Added 4 abduction missions by enabling maps that were disabled in EW (but were present in EU). They have Meld available. I assume they were disabled in EW because new EW missions reused them by changing staring location and switching day/night. Still, those maps provide classic experience which is different to new EW maps.
- Commercial Alley
- Convenience Store
- Research Outpost
- Truckstop
b) Added 6 abduction missions based on maps that were previously terror sites and did not have abductions. Meld is not present on those maps:
- Commercial Restaurant
- Highway 1 (this one has meld)
- Military Ammo
- Police Station
- Highway Fallen
- Pier A Terror
c) Added 3 abduction missions based on special maps from EW. Meld is not present on those maps (ice cream meld tutorial maps has tutorial script disabled which removed Meld from it)
- Exalt HQ
- Chryssalid Hive
- Meld Tutorial (has only 3 alien pods)
d) Added 3 abduction maps based on Slingshot/Progeny missions. No meld on them, and apart from Confouding Light, there may be less than 4 alien pods (very difficult missions may have too few aliens, but it will be possible to play them).
- Deluge (dam map from progeny)
- Low friends (cemetery from slingshot)
- Confounding Light (train station from slingshot)
e) Added 1 landed UFO map based on Progeny map. No meld, there may be too few alien pods.
- Furies (winter landed abductor)


Plans for future releases (some will be very hard to do, so if you want to help me or provide hints, please do so) :
- add Slingshot mission 1 and 2, Progeny mission 1 and 2 as random council missions. When I tried adding new entries (in similar pattern to existing council missions), they are not being picked up by game as random council missions. They still work as combined story arcs.
- find a way to add/fix alien pods to following abduction / terror maps, so they become playable: EU intro, Progeny mission 1, Slingshot mission 3, XCOM multiplayer base
- improve alien pods, alien patrol routes on following maps that have some issues (Dam, Meld Tutorial, Low Friends, Furies)
- add meld to maps which lack it
- check if it is possible to bring back Demolition/Museum/Gas Station maps from EU
- check if it is possible to bring back Anna Sing extraction council mission from EU
- it is possible to enable Abduction on XCOM base map, but I am not sure if there is any sense in this