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Welcome To XCom Enemy Unknown Welcome To Hell Mod V4.6.9.1

This Is A Hybrid Of Long War Mod And Vanilla Game, It Includes All That Is Good From Long War Mod (i.e. Extra Items, Sone Research Overhauls And Pretty Much Everything That Made Long War Mod Entertaining + Adding All That Is Good In The Vanilla Game (i.e. 2 Abductions Missions

Permissions and credits
This Mod Is Now Obsolete And Is No Longer Supported Or In Active Development, An Updated Version Of The Mod That Works With EW Can Be Found Here, Although For Some Strange Reasons If U Still Happen To Have An Old Copy Of The XCom EU With Patch 4, Game Version Then You Are Free To Use This One, Although There Is No Guarantee That The Mod Will Work With A Steam Version Cause The Steam Version Of The Game Is Not The Same As Non Steam Version And They Changed The Files (Damn Them). Well That Said I Sincerely Thank You All For Supporting The Mod :) 

Link For The Updated Mod - Click Me

Welcome To XCom Enemy Unknown Welcome To Hell Mod V4.6.9.1

This Is A Hybrid Of Long War Mod And Vanilla Game, It Includes All That Is Good From Long War Mod (i.e. Extra Items, Sone Research Overhauls And Pretty Much Everything That Made Long War Mod Entertaining + Adding All That Is Good In The Vanilla Game (i.e. 2 Abductions Missions At A Time Forcing U To Chose, Satellite Spam (Although Limited But Still Easier To Satellite Spam Than In Long War Mod, And Everything That Made XCom EU A Wonderfull Game.)

Please Do Note Its Only For EU. Patch 4, Game Version, Not Optimised For EU Patch 5 Yet As The Patch Broke The Mod, Making The Game Ready For EW. Might Not Work Well With EU Patch 5 And Certainly Wont Work For EW.

U Can Rollback To EU Patch 4 From Here ---> http://www.nexusmods.com/xcom/mods/450/

NOTE - This Version Has Pre set Settings And It Is Not Advised To Use XCom ToolsBox Under Any Conditions Cause It Can Mess Up Ur Game. Making It Unable To Play. U Have Been Warned (Although Editing Some Values Seems To Be Working Fine, Am Not Sure Which Are Working And Which Are Not)

Contents -
1 - DefaultInput.ini
2 - XComGame.Exe
3 - XComGame Dev.Exe
4 - XComGame Cheat.Exe
5 - XComGame HP CHEAT.exe
6 - XComGame Cheat Dev.exe
7 - XComGame.int
8 - XComGame.upk
9 - XComShell.upk
10 - XComStrategyGame.upk
11 - And Last But Not The Lease. This ReadMe/Guide What Ever U Call It.

Total 3 UPK Files, 1 Int Files, 1 ini File, 5 Exe's And A Read Me

Pre Requirements -
1 - XCom Enemy Unknown Game (Patch 4, Game Version - Roll Back To Patch 4 If U Already Dont Have From Here ----> http://www.nexusmods.com/xcom/mods/450/

2 - XCom Long War Mod 2.12 Since This Mod Is Built Based On Long War Mod, Not The Vanilla Game) ---> www.nexusmods.com/xcom/mods/88/

Installation -
Step 1 - Install The XCom Enemy Unknown Game
Step 2 - Install Longwar Mod
Step 3 - Place All The 5 "EXE Files" In The "XCOM Enemy UnknownBinariesWin32". Replace If Asks
Step 4 - Place This File (i.e This Read Me File) Along With Ur Exe's In "XCOM Enemy UnknownBinariesWin32". Replace If Asks , So U Know What Version Are U Playing Incase Future Updates And Patches.
Step 5 - Place The "XComStrategyGame.upk", "XComShell.upk" And "XComGame.upk" In "XCOM Enemy UnknownXComGameCookedPCConsole" And Replace If Asks.
Step 6 - Place The "XComGame.int" In Ur "XCOM Enemy UnknownXComGameLocalizationINT" And Replace If Asks.
Step 7 - Place The "DefaultInput.ini" In Ur "XCOM Enemy UnknownXComGameConfig" Folder And Replace If Asks.
Step 8 - Back Up Ur Saves Found At DocumentsMy GamesXCOM - Enemy Unknown And Delete That Folder ... Start The New Game ... Set Ur Graphic And video And Other Game Settings And Exit .. Now Put Ur Saves Back And Only Ur Saves .. Not Even The PROFLE.BIN .. Just PUT BACK UR SAVES DocumentsMy GamesXCOM - Enemy UnknownXComGameSaveData. How Ever Its Highly Advised To Start A New Game For Bug Less Experience
Step 9 - Go Play The Game Using "XComGame.Exe" (Its Not Advised To Use "XComGame Dev.Exe". Its Only For Debugging. U Have Been Warned)

If U Have Messed Up Things Without Acting Like A Total Moran ... Feel Free To Contact Me On The Forums ----> SrujanTeja

This Game Is Built Keeping Impossible Difficulty In Mind. So It Is Highly Recommended To Play On Impossible To Truly Experience The Mod. As Normal And Easy Mod Might Feel A Bit Too Easy, Never Needing To Manage Ur Resources.

Do Not Modify The Code ... I Repeat ... Do Not Modify The Code ... As It Can Make Ur Game Unable To Play U Have Been Warned =V

Am Not Responsible If This Mod Messes Up Ur Game/Computer WhatEver U Put It In. Use This Mod At Ur Own Risk.


A Clean Installation Is Usually Recommended For Bug Free Game

About Exe's
1 - XComGame.Exe - Normal Game
2 - XComGame Cheat - Cheat Exe. Gives Huge Amounts Of Cash And Boosts Troopers HP And Nerfs Enemies A Lot
3 - XComGame HP CHEAT - Combination Of Cheat EXE And Normal EXE. Nerfs Aliens And Boosts Troopers. No Extra Cash, Or Resources Gained
4 - XComGame Dev - Same As Normal Game But With Developer Shell Unlocked
5 - XComGame Cheat Dev - Combination Of Cheat EXE And Dev Exe. For Testing The Game. Boosts Solder Stats And Nerfs Aliens, Gives Extra Resources And Has Developer Shell Unlocked

Save Before Killing Ur Last Enemy .. It Will Come Handy In Case If U Dont Like The Class Ur Solder Picked, So U Can Reload Just Before Killing The Alien, As Solder Is Assigned To A Class Randomly Every time he Levels Up For The First Time.

There Are Some Perks, Which Work With One Other And Triggers Awesome Chain Reactions. U Can Find Them In My Recommended Perk Trees For Each Classes. For Example Run And Gun Coupled With Aggression Coupled With Killer Instinct Coupled With Bring Them On = One Dead Alien. Sometimes U Might Need To Work In Coordination To Trigger Some Chain Reactions Like Suppress An Enemy And Then Overwatch Ur Solder Near Him And Then Flush Him Out, This Forces The Enemy To Leave Cover And Search For New Cover, Triggering Reaction Shots.

Possible Upcoming Updates
A Few Bug Fixes If Any Are Pointed, Other Wise Non

Feedback Is Always Welcomed On The Forums

Recommended Second Wave Options
1 - For The Greater Good
2 - Results driven
3 - Diminishing Returns
4 - More Than Human
5 - War Weariness

Additional Recommended For Harder Game
1 - Damage Routlet (Dont Cry When Ur Troops Hit Like A Little Girl)
2 - New Economy (If U Want A Change)
3 - Red Fog (This Is Real Pain In The Ass)
4 - Absolutely Critical - (Dont Cry When The Aliens Bitch Slap U)
5 - Marathon - If U Want An Insanely Longer Game Longer Research And Longer Construction Times (Not Recommended)
7 - High Stakes - If U Want To Abuse The Random Reward And Make The Game Easy (Not Recommended)
8 - Alternate Sources - No Comments

Here's What I Usually Play With
1 - Absolutely Critical - Cause I Know How To Pull Of A Head Shot
2 - For The Greater Good
3 - Results driven
4 - Diminishing Returns
5 - More Than Human
6 - War Weariness
7 - Alternate Sources - Cause I Can Handle It

Major Changes To The Game -
1 - More Aliens On Missions And Alien Base Is No Longer A Cake Walk
2 - 2x Hp On Aliens - Get Ready For Some QQ
3 - Guns Behave Like They Are Ment To, Lasers Are Easy To Research And Are More Accurate And Have More Ammo Compared To Plasma Weapons Take A Whole Lot Of Time To Research But Have Double The Critical Hit Rate But Lower Ammo.
4 - Weapon Frags, Alloys And All The Other Resources Are Revamped, Now Base Management Is Hella Harder
5 - Rebalanced Research And Construction Times So Suite The Mod
6 - Satellite Spamming Is An Option Now, And U Actually Need To Deploy Satellites To Meet Ur Needs
7 - Each Class With His Own Set Of Level Up Statics, Scouts And Snipers Are Super Accurate While Heavy Are Tough.
8 - Alloy Cannon And Blaster Launcher Are Harder To Research, Since They Tend To Break The Game Easily.
9 - Starting Squad Members - 8, Upgradable To 10
10 - 2 Abductions Missions At A Time Forcing U To Chose Btw The Countries
11 - Explosions Wont Make U To Lose The Frags - Nuke Them All :D
12 - Arc Thrower In Pistol Sloth
13 - More Than 2 Item Sloths For Armors
14 - Totally Revamped Perk Tree (Now U Can Go Full Insane)
15 - Insanely Hard AI To Match The New Over Powered Solders (Cause Of New Revamped Perks)
16 - New Classes Each With A Specific Role
17 - Now U Can Build Ur Dream Solder. i.e. Sniper With Both Snape Shot And Squad Sight, Assault With Rapid Fire And In The Zone.
18 - Insanely Harder Base Management Due To Scarcity Of Resources (U Want More Resources ? Always Chose Difficult And Very Difficult Missions Rather Than Easy Missions)
19 - New Items To Help U Battle The Toughest Of Aliens (Directly Imported From Long War Mod)
20 - Customizable Shivs (How Sweet Is That, All The Credits Goes To The Maker Of My SHIV is Special by Peasly Wellbott)
21 - Insanely Harder To Level Up.
23 - All The Customizations From The Long War Mod, Some Of Them Tweaked, Some Totally Changed To Suite The Mod, So Initially U Got Everything That Long War Mod Has
24 - Quicker Solder Healing Times ( A Lot Quicker ), But Insanly Hard To Level Up.
25 - Many Things More (Now Now, U Cant Expect Me To Remember All The Crap I Have Done, So Why Dont U Just Play And Find Out)

XCom Welcome To Hell Perk Tree Layout V9.1
Assault Class perk Tree
---------- ----------
|ASSAULT|--> Run And Gun, Bullet Swarm <--|INFANTRY|
---------- ----------
Lightning Reflexes, Executioner, Battle Scanner, Low Profile

Bullet Swarm, Flush, Grenadier, Aggression

Cover Fire, Execution, Close Combat Specialist, Ranger

Rapid Fire, Cover Fire, Bring It On, Sapper

In The Zone, Aggression, Opportunist, Tactical Sense

Killer Instinct, Close And Personal, Bombardier, Cover Fire

Medic Class Perk Tree
|ENGINEER|--> grenadier, field Medic <--|MEDIC|
Battle Scanner, Lightening Reflexes, Execution, Revive

Low Profile, Sprinter, Holo targeting, Smoke Bomb

Sapper, Flush, Low Profile, smoke and mirror

Heat Ammo, rifle suppression, Dense Smoke, Combat Drugs

Heat Warheads, Execution, Low profile, Smoke And Mirrors

bombard, rifle suppression, holo targeting, saviour

My Sniper Class Tree
------- --------
|SCOUT|--> Lightening Reflexes, Squad Sight <--|SNIPER|
------- --------
Rifle Suppression, Battle Scanner, Cover Fire, Dam Good Ground

Run And Gun, Aggression, Flush, Snap Shot

Smoke Bomb, Gun Slinger, Low Cover, Head Shot

Killer Instinct, Gun Slinger, Holo Targeting, In The Zone

Dense Smoke, Opportunist, Sprinter, Double Tap

Smoke & Mirror, Aggression, Sentinel, Disable Shot
My Heavy Class perk Tree
|ROCKETEER|--> Fire Rocket, Heat Ammo <--|GUNNER|
Sapper, Suppression, Holo Targeting, Bullet Swarm

Shredder Rocket, Bombardier, Executioner, Run And Gun

Javelin Rockets, Ranger, Resilience, Rapid Fire

Rocketeer, Grenadier, Cover Fire, Bring Them On

Heat Warheads, Tactical Sense, Extra Conditioning, Lock And Load

Danger Zone, Suppression, Will To Survive, Killer Instinct

PERK BUILD GUIDE - The Below Perk Sets Are Just Recommended And My Personal Fav Perk Sets For Each Class, Then Again U Can Always Choose What perks U Want For Ur Troops.
Medic Perks
Field Medic

Lightening Reflexes/(Revive If Ur Gonna Play Iron man Mod)

Holo Targeting/Smoke Bomb

Flush/Low Cover

Rifle Suppression/Combat Drugs

Low Profile/Smoke And Mirrors

Engineer Perks

Lightening Reflexes/execution

HoloTargetting/Low Profile

Low Profile/Flush/Sapper

Heat Ammo

Heat Warheads

Bombard/Rifle Suppression
Sniper Perks
1) Squad Sight

2) dam good ground/ Covering Fire

3) Snap Shot

4) Low Profile

5) in the zone

6) Opportunist

7) Sentinal
Scout Perks
1) Lightening Reflexes

2) Rifle Suppression/Cover Fire

3) Run And Gun/Flush

4) Low Cover

5) Killer Instinct

6) Dense Smoke/Opportunist

7) Sentinel
Assault Perks
1) Run And Gun

2) Lightening Reflexes

3) Bullet Swarm

4) Close Combat Specialist

5) Bring It On/Rapid Fire/Cover Fire

6) In The Zone/Opportunist

7) Killer Instint
Infantry Perks
1) Bullet Swarm

2) Low Profile

3) Flush/Grenadier

4) Close Combat Specialist/Ranger

5) Sapper/Bring It On/Flush

6) Tactical Sense/Opportunist

7) Bombardier/Cover Fire
Gunner perks
1) Heat Ammo

2) Bullet Swarm

3) Run And Gun

4) All Are Good

5) Bring Them On/Cover Fire

6) Extra Conditioning/Tactical Sense

7) Killer Instinct/Will To Survive
Rocketter Perks
1 FireRocket

2 Suppression

3 Shredder Rocket

4 Ranger/Resilience

5 Rocketeer/Cover Fire

6 heat warheads/Extra Conditioning

7 Danger Zone/Will To Survive

Differences Between Classes.
Assault And Infantry.
Stats Description - Moderate Aim, Moderate Mobility, Moderate Defence, Moderate Health, High Will.
Weapons - Pistols, Rifles, Short Guns And Alloy Cannon
They Are The FootSolders Of Ur Team And Also Powerful Close Combat Units.
Assault Class Concentrates Huge Amounts Of Damage On Single Target, While Infantry Have Little Crowd Control Perks, Like Carrying More Grenades, More Grenade Damage Yada Yada.
Choose Run And Gun Perk In The Starting If U Want Assault, Choose Bullet Swarm Perk In The Starting If U Want Infantry. Both Of Them Are Able To Carry 2 Battle Scanners For A Mission

Medic And Engineer.
Stats Description - Moderate Aim, High Mobility, High Defence, Low Health, High Will.
Weapons - Pistols, Rifles, Conventional/Basic Short Gun
As The Name Says Medics Heals Players And Provides Defensive Supports While Engineer Focuses On Ballistic Weaponry. They Are The Tech Specialist Of The Team, Who Are Expecially Trained In Destroying Cover And Robotic Enemies. Engineer Cannot Heal Solders.
Medics Are Capable Of Deploying Smoke Bombs While Engineers Can Deploy 2 Battle Scanners For A Mission
Take Field Medic As Ur Starting Perk If U Want Medic .... Take Grenadier As Ur Starting Perk If U Want Engineer

Sniper And Scout.
Stats Description - High Aim, High mobility, High Defence, low Health, Moderate Will.
Weapons - Sniper - Sniper Rifles And Pistols | Scout - Pistols, Rifles And Conventional/Basic Short Gun.
Snipers Are The Guardian Angles Of Ur Team, Denying Enemys To Engage Ur Solders In Close Ranges. They Are Absolutely Deadly When On Overwatch And Can Kill Aliens Before They Can Ever Come Into Engaging Range With Ur Team. Scouts Are Excellent At Scouting
Scouts Are Very Good At Surprise Close Range Attacks .... Scout Is Capable Of Deploying Smoke Bombs.
Take Squad Sight As Ur Starting Perk If U Want Sniper ... Take Lightning Reflexes As Ur Starting Perk If U Want Scout. Both Can Deploy 2 Battle Scanners For A Mission

Gunner And Rocketeer.
Stats Description - Low Aim, No Mobility, Moderate Defence, High Health, Moderate Will
Weapons - Heavy Weapons, LMG's And Rocket Launchers (NOTE - GUNNER CANNOT CARRY ROCKET LAUNCHERS)
Gunner Is The TANK Of Ur Team, Able To Deal Massive Amounts Of Damage And Take Lots Of Punishment. While Rocketeer Is The Demolition Specialist Of Ur Team. Expert In Blowing Things Up From Long Range. Both Are Specialized In Taking Down Robotic Enemies. Both Carry Heavy Weapons
Take Fire Rocket As Ur Starting Perk If U Want Rocketeer ... Take Extra Conditioning As Ur Starting Perk If U Want Gunner

1 - Makers Of Long War Mod (All Of Them That Are Listed Below)
Long War Mod Makers -
Chief Designer and Deputy Programmer: JohnnyLump
Chief Programmer and Deputy Designer: Amineri
Contributing Programmer: XMarksTheSpot (large squads UI)
Contributing Programmer: Bertilsson (large squads coding)
Contributing Programmer: UberJumper (exe patcher)
Additional Contributing Programmers: Drakous79, Bokuak (Toolboks Mod), BlackAlpha (Warspace Mod)

2 - Amineri - Helping Me Every time I Bumped Into A Problem
3 - johnnylump - For His Post On Long War Mod UPK Changes
4 - Peasly Wellbott - For His Awesome Shiv Customization Code, U Can Find His Shiv Customization Mods For Both EU And EW Here ---> http://xcom.nexusmods.com/mods/419/?tab=2&navtag=%2Fajax%2Fmodfiles%2F%3Fid%3D419&pUp=1
5 - People From Nexus Forums Who Helped Me All The Way
6 - Drakous79 - For His Friendly Explosions Code.
7 - kara42 - For His Help In Editing Alien Numbers During Missions
8 - dubiousintent - For Guiding Me To The Hex Editing Guides
9 - And Finally Me ^^.

Pardon Me If I Forget Anyone. And Pardon Me If I Havent Given Enough Credits For Anyone.