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For those that really like psionic troopers, multiple options to boost your chances of success, and speed the process along.

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This mod will enable the second wave options (after you finish the game the first time), and otherwise ONLY modifies the chance to test positive for psi powers in the testing facility (after you have built one of course).

there are several options, each of which is located in a separate subfolder, labeled with what it does.

UPDATE: Turns out the formula for generating psi chance is: will/PSI_GIFT_CHANCE so, if your will is say 80%, the "100%" mods will give you an 80% chance. I will modify this correctly and release a new version today that actually DOES give you a true 100% chance by changing the PSI_GIFT_CHANCE= value to 0.1, which would mean you would have to have a will score less than 10 to fail. Text following updated to reflect.

for example, "100percentpsi_4slots_5days" gives you a chance to succeed at getting psi powers after testing equal to the value of your will score, adds an extra slot to your testing facility (so 4 slots instead of 3), and shortens the time for testing to 5 days from 10. "20percentpsi" gives you a chance to succeed at getting psi powers after testing equal to half the value of your will score.

ok, so unrar the file to a directory somewhere, and then copy modpatcher.exe, patcher.bat, and the DefaultGameCore.mod from whichever subdirectory describes what you fancy (don\'t copy the subdirectory, JUST the file inside of it) to your main game directory (where the game is installed to, and contains your XComGame.exe file)

then run the patcher.bat file.

it will backup your original exe file (store that in a safe place), and modify the exe.

so, if it worked, you will see a new file: "xcom-orginal.exe" appear in that directory.

if you don\'t see that backup file, you didn't follow my instructions :)

post if something odd happens, or you want a different variant. I'll keep an eye on this for a couple of weeks. As with all the mods that change your exe file, this one will be incompatible with any of the others. You can copy the minor changes from this one into another mod you like though, I noted the lines you need to copy in the comments.



version 1.1 Adds 1000 percent chance (10 times your will score) to succeed. no way to fail at all now, unless you somehow find a trooper with less than 10 will :P

instructions readme includes updated info, and which lines you can modify to change the values yourself.