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First, special thanks to dreadylein for his xcom mod patcher.

Modders, please use any ideas here you like.

*** What ***

This mod provides general balance adjustments to XCOM EU to make the gameplay more interesting and tactical. Some of these changes will also restore features that were present
in the XCOM OG.

This mod is designed to played only on Classic. It has been balanced to maintain and improve on the original XCOM 2012 gameplay, without major adjustments. While some aspects might
be easier, the overall game play will be more challenging.

*** Specific Changes ***

Damage of human grenade and rocket slightly increased, with slightly lower environment resistent.
Human and Alien Grenades, rockets and blaster bombs all now have % chance of crit.
Human heavy weapons all given +1 damage.
Sniper weapons no longer have overwatch. Using your snipers now requires more foresight and tactical placement; they are now less effective defensively (but still quite effective).

Chance of alien grenade usage on classic increased.
Reduced Laser Weapon critical value slightly, in order to further offset advantage of not reloading.
Reduced sniper per-level aim buff slightly (8 points for max rank; was 55 total, is now 47); sniper are still very powerful with squad sight, and I'm considering other adjustments.
Very slightly adjusted down the exp required to reach Sergeant. The first rank (squadie) comes at the same cost (90) it did previously, so you can quickly see whether this is a class
you need. Higher ranks are unchanged.
Heavy Weapon soldiers now receive a slight defensive bonus on promotion (+12 over life time).
All of the 'shotgun' weapons have a +8 to hit; this was intended with v1.
Archangel Armor also receives only 1 backpack slot. (So, Ghost, Psi and Archangel only receive 1 slot; Kevlar, Carapace and Titan receive 2)

2nd wave enabled
Slightly lower min and max recoveries of Alloy and E from wrecked UFOs.

Biggest experience changes:1
All armors except Ghost Armor and Psi Armor now have 2 carry slots.

The chance soldiers will shoot each other when panicing is drastically reduced (5 to 1).

Soldier HP bonus / malus problem for Classic is fixed.

The % of aliens 'waiting' on missions has been decreased. This can be good and bad, but the battlefield should feel a bit more dynamic (though the "teleporting patrol" behavior
appears to be hardcoded.

UFO on abduction and terror missions are now visible to shoot down. But... the panic cost of ignored UFOs decreased from 2 to 1. Additionally the North Americacn continent bonus
has been decreased from 50 to 40 due to the greater importance of interceptors, and the maxiumum alloy and elerium from shot down UFOs has been decreases slightly.

Additional balance changes:
Balistic and Plasma pistols consume ammo. Balistic pistols also have a +1 damage bump.

Heavy weapons have a small chance to cause crits.

Balistic shotguns have a +8 accuracy bonus.

Laser weapons now use no ammo, and have a slight accuracy bump (+5).

Plasma weapons have a slight accuracy malus (-5), but additional crit bonus (+5).

Some aliens rebalanced slightly, and differentiated a little from each other. Floaters will be a bit more effective.

The difficulty based to hit bonus of aliens has been removed.

The difficulty based of alien crit bonus has been decreased, but (as noted above) all plasma weapons now have an increased crit chance.

Soldier XP advancement costs significantly higher:
; Soldier XP Levels (Rookie, Squaddie, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel)

Squad size II now available 1 rank earlier (net -- players will get this about the same time with the experience changes)
Squad size I now available 1 rank earlier (net -- players will get this about the same time with the experience changes)

Starting soldiers reduced from 12 to 8.

The reward for abduction missions has been decreased by 25%.

The chance that panic will decrease in countries with a satelite is slightly increased.

Satelite, interceptor and firestorm prices all increased.

Heavy weapon soldiers now get better progression bonus (+2 hp over lifetime, +5 acc over lifetime)

The minimum engineers to build a workshop is decreased 6 to 5 to remove the potential for a workshop bottle neck that can occur for people who do not get an Engineer offered in
an abduction mission early on.

Facility maintenance cost increased about 15%.

The range of days a soldier can be injured is more random, and can be higher than it was previously.