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Adds the unique "Fury" the "Havoc", "Spike" and the "Badger", modified playership versions of the Cerberus, Nemesis, Dragon and Cormorant supporting more weapons and other improvements!

Permissions and credits
This mod won't work if installed in documents as the game can't find it's assets. Please install it in the game root's extensions folder, that's where mods are supposed to be. (\X4 Foundations\extensions)

Supports the optional Extended Conversation Menu, which allows all mods using it to join their starting conversations in a browsable section, so technically infinite mods can be added by only taking up 1 conversation slot for any npc. Not required. (Feel free to add support for your own mods)

Last updated or tested for game versions: 5.0

v1.1 brings you a nanite repair feature for emergency situations, an overhauled badger that is able to carry more while staying somewhat agile, a fun new turret that comes preinstalled which is limited to these ships, an adjusted agility profile for the spike more matching a dragon raider, a few nerfs and a bunch more things. Read up on all changes in the changelog above and the description below.

This mod adds the Sapphire Player Ship Line to the game. These ships are quite op, there's no talking around that, that's why they're intended to be an unique version of a playership. Due to lots of requests to make the ships buildable or to add a functionality to gain more, i've now made them buyable. 
You can adjust the prices to ur liking. 1 at a time will remain free, so if it dies u can grab another without paying a butload of credits. 

How do i get these ships? 
Ships can be bought from the 'mad scientist' that created them. In order to get in contact, simply talk to any of your employed npcs. The first ship will remain free, even if it gets destroyed, more than one ship at a time will cost a bundle.

Nanite repairs
The mad scientist also invented nanites living within these ship hulls, that allow fast emergency repairs, but require huge amounts of energy. You can enable this feature for the supported ships by talking to the pilot / relief-pilot of your ship. Once the ship hull drops below 50% and nanite repairs are enabled, the nanites start repairing the hull until it's back at maximum hp, or the ship runs out of the dedicated ware, which are energy cells by default.
This can instead also be turned into a shield boost and other ships can be included aswell. You can fine tune this feature in the config file (\sapphireships\md\sapphireshipsconfig.xml) to your liking - and i would really suggest doing so, the default options are a bit too op right now.

The mod can be fully configured in the \sapphireships\md\sapphireshipsconfig.xml file.

- the optional mod file "sapphireships__compatibilityvro_v0_1" adds internal shields for compatibility with VRO

Spike (Dragon) only available with Vendetta

- 4 additional turrets
- 3 additional shield generators
- made the ship more agile and less 'heavy'
- larger crew space
- increased missile storage to 400
- about doubled the hp

Badger (Cormorant) 

- 2 additional weapon slots
- 2 additional missile launcher slots
- 6 additional turrets
- 4 additional shield generators
- made the ship more agile and less 'heavy'
- slightly larger crew space
- increased missile storage to 400
- about trippled the hp
- increased cargo space

Havoc (Nemesis)

- 1 additional weapon slot in the middle of the ship
- 4 additional turrets
- 2 more shield generators on the top
- made the ship more agile and less 'heavy'
- larger crew space
- increased missile storage to 200
- about doubled the hp

Fury (Cerberus)

- 8 configurable turrets instead of 4
- 2 additional weapon hardpoints
- larger crew space
- larger cargo hold
- slightly reduced mass and improved movement to make it feel more comfortable when flying
- doubled the missile storage
- about doubled the hp
- increased drone storage

In case you like my content and would like to support me:
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Download the file, extract the sapphireships folder and move it to your extensions folder (in ur games base directory!).
In case you don't have one yet, simply create it at the base directory of X4, so for a steam user it would be: Steam\steamapps\common\X4 Foundations\extensions

Simply remove the folder, no current savegame issues.
(Just make sure u're not onboard the ships when removing it... it might be a little cold in space without ur suit :D )