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Makes all faction Fleets twice as numerous, and use more escort ships for a deadlier and more challenging universe. Two mod options available.

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After experiencing massive defeats from Argon and Godrealm forces, the Holy Order redesigned their fleet task organization to operate in larger destroyer groups. As a result, they became more lethal and found greater success in battle through massing fires on targets using more large escorts. The Holy Order fleet strategy was then copied by other factions in the universe, leading to larger fleets and more fleets overall. Even the Xenon have adapted to this new ship strategy along with larger fleets as a response. The Alliance of the Word has warned civilians and freelancer pilots to expect faction fleets to have roughly double the amount of large and XL ships, and more combat ships overall, making travel in border sectors more dangerous.

Mod description:
The mod essentially doubles the "jobs" (ships) for each capital ship type and adds roughly 50-100% more fleets for each faction. Where the universe will allow a faction to make 6 fleets., they can now make 12, where those fleets would have a few capital ship escorts (2) they now have twice as many (4) for example.
Each faction fleet differences and overall strategy have been kept and improved on. The Teladi have different fleet setups than the Split and the Argon still feel different than the Paranid still. See below for details.

DLC factions are included but are not required, using this mod without any DLC will not impact your game so no worries. Expect the following:
Argon: 3L 9M 36S.
Argon will now work in small destroyer groups and will use more of each ship type proportionally. Max fleets increased also. 
Antigone: 3L 9M 18S.
By default Antigone use less fighters, have less fleets as they are a new faction in the universe, but now they will have a higher fleet limit, will use small destroyer groups, and when losing, they have a higher limit of "compression fleets" the game only uses when a faction is losing. They will also use more escorts. Completing terraforming missions will unlock many of the fleet jobs the game has for them also. Overall, they will defend their sectors better now.
Holy Order: 7L 14M 24S
They will now use more medium escort ships, helps them combat fighter swarms better while still keeping true to their capital ship fleet doctrine. 
God realm: 7M 14M 24S
They will now use more medium escort ships, helps them combat fighter swarms better while still keeping true to their capital ship fleet doctrine. 
Trinity: 1XL 7L 14M 28S
WARNING Spoiler: The trinity is very strong if you choose that route for the paranid plot, and if you choose to have them declare war on every other faction, it will be a tough fight if the other factions are unprepared they or just one faction.
Teladi: 4L 6M 24S
Teladi fleet escorts have not changed much, they use more large class ships now and a few more medium ships, but where they really shine is now s the higher fleet limit. Teladi have more stations and a stronger economy than every other faction so they can make fleets faster than every other faction, see more fleet groups overall even if they have inferior ships.
Ministry of Finance: 4L 8M 32S
They are slightly stronger than the Teladi. higher fleet limit and larger fleets overall.
Zyarth: 1XL 4L 12M 18S
The game files explicitly comment on spilt not favoring fighter escorts, the like medium ships more. I kept that vanilla trend and made it better. Split will use more medium and large ships in fleets.
Curb: 1XL 4L 14M 16S
The Curb rebellion is a real thing now, and they have the means to fight and potentially win a war for real. More medium ships and very few fighters just like the Zyarth, with the strongest destroyer in the commonwealth they are balanced by less fighters.
Free families: Varies 2x ship numbers.
Free families do not have typical job files, Egosoft never gave them typical fleets, instead they are policed and secured by Zyarth ships and Curb. what military jobs they do have are now doubled however, think twice about boarding them them without a plan, it will cost you.
Fallen families: Varies 2x ship numbers.
Expect to see slightly more Fallen families ships in space now also of different varieties, the jobs file has it pick random ships of a type, I merely doubled that.
Terran: 2XL 3L 12M 36S+
Terrans have two fleet types in the game. Defense fleets and Intervention fleets. The defense fleets around the asteroid belt, mars, earth, ect. were doubled and have more escorts, now SOL looks and feels like a militarized zone. The intervention fleets are limited to only 1 in the universe, but it is now capable of battling xenon fleets alone and unafraid deep in enemy territory using slightly more fighters than a defense fleet, and can destroy xenon stations, they are the real deal. Terrans also have additional medium patrol ships which will expand if given the opportunity e.g Xpanded sectors mod or Getsu Fune.
Segaris: 1L 4M 28S
The game has no default fleet jobs for this faction unlike the others. I cannot up the L ship count per fleet without creating new jobs (not in this mod), instead the M and S ships have been upped, this matches the feel of the faction, and if you have additional sector mods or overhauls they are more equipped to expand and defend their space (and they will actually expand if given the chance).
Yaki: 1M 15S
If you get a healthy Yaki faction at a shipyard you own or supply theirs, you will see Yaki raider groups moving around and defending their home sector. Same as Segaris, limited default jobs without making new ones.
Xenon:  7XL (6Ks + 1I) 18M 72S
Xenon sectors across the universe will now be harder to capture. Xenon invasions will be more challenging for factions to defend against, but balanced. That means more fun to be had, money to be made, and challenges to overcome! (You can do it believe in yourself). Option for less Xenon available.
Scale plate: Varies. 30 ships on average per galaxy.
Expect more pirates in the universe 2x as many, with so many more faction ships however, this more than balances out.

All fleets and factions are balanced and playable, your game will simply be more challenging now and you will need to play and plan smarter, in return you get more sense of accomplishment, more heart pounding excitement, and more money to be made.

A couple of things:
- This mod is compatible with current save games. 4.x or higher
- This mod can be tweaked if you do not like the default settings after you download it if you want.
- Works well with other mods like FOWC and Xenon proliferation (that do not mod the jobs file for directly for ships) or dead Air's faction war modules to create a very challenging, playable, profitable, and fun game universe.
- This mod can be uninstalled at any time.
- Install at X4 root directory where ever it is installed, place unpacked mod in the extensions folder. If one is not present simply make one. See screenshot.

Mod screenshot with the faction data is here: https://steamcommuni.../?id=2503857262 It's really good.
Great when paired with my other mod for Realistic Xtreme Ranks to get the Steam trophies.
Do not use together with my other mod Larger Xenon Fleets, it is built in.
Will update for the Tides of Avarice DLC when it comes out for updated job listings. If people want me to create new job listings for more militant ships or expand the ship types of a certain faction I am open to it.