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Larger-scale universe. Bigger sectors. Better immersion. Faster Travel Drive.

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While the Vanilla map is perfectly fine in itself, I thought that things are very condensed together and while it said "Unknown Object" on my map, I could already see from afar that it is a jump gate. Space, however, is quite big - so I thought: what if I made the sectors larger?

And so I did, with the help of the X4-Customizer tool.

  • Every sector is now ten times (x10) larger than Vanilla - some are stretching thousands of kilometers now
  • Travel Drive of every ship (including NPCs) is now EIGHT (x8) times faster, so that one can traverse the distances in a reasonable amount of time

I played around with sector sizes quite a bit, even up to 100,000 times the size... I also increased travel drive by a factor of 10,000 then - while it works and you can even fly by planets, it does produce some pretty wonky graphics in the cockpit and the radar no longer works. So I struck a balance between something larger but not too large, and allowing for Travel Drive to be working perfectly fine (my starter ship, the Elite thingy now has about 18 km/s in Travel Drive).

Vanilla long range scanner is useless in this scale. You ABSOLUTELY need the mod "Increased Long Range Scanner", and of that mod the 2,000 km scanner variant. Link: Increased Long Range Scanner
 New start required.

Code used in X4-Customizer:

# X4 Customizer input script.from Plugins import *
scaling_factor = 10.0,
scale_regions = False,
debug = False,
extra_scaling_for_removed_highways = 1.0,
precision_steps = 20
purpose_speed_mults = {
'allround' : {'thrust' : 1, 'boost' : 1, 'boost_time' : 1.2, 'travel' : 8.0 },
'combat': {'thrust' : 1, 'boost' : 1, 'boost_time' : 1.2, 'travel' : 8.0 },
'travel': {'thrust' : 1, 'boost' : 1, 'boost_time' : 1.2, 'travel' : 8.0 }
# Write modified files to the output extension.