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This mod simply unlocks the xenon blueprints for player use.
Currently Unlocked Blueprints:
- XL Ships
- Turrets
- Thrusters
- Shields

There are two Versions of the mod made by me:
- Standard Version
- Standalone Version

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About the Mod:
This mod unlocks the xenon blueprints for player use.
First be aware: I never modded for the X series until now. I always tweaked mods for my personal liking by reverse engineering the code.
I tested my mod and it seems to work. No restart is needed.

Currently Unlocked Blueprints:
  • XL Ships
  • Turrets
  • Thrusters
  • Shields

There are two Versions of the mod made by me:

 Standard Version: Needs: "Recycle Ship and Stations by iforgotmysocks" for reverse engineering the ships and " Capture Xenon XL by Nonigiri" to enable boarding of XL Xenon Ships. There might be the posibility that you can optain the blueprints with other reverse engineer mods. But i only tested it with iforgotmysocks mod because i prefer it. The mod works without a reverse engineering mod , but there will be no way to obtain the blueprints.

 Standalone Version: Just install the mod and have fun using Xenon Equipment. This version is not savegame safe, because removing the bridge could brick the xenon capitals and they will be floating in space not doing anything. There you will have to destroy the ships to get rid of them.

The Mod should work without any DLCs. Except Standalone Version. That requires Split Vendetta for the Capital Bridges.

Future Plans (but not focused on):
  • Make player use standard parts for xenon blueprints (for that i need to somehow get the needed construction parts faction related without making new wares for the the xenon blueprints. Maybe its not possible, will see.
  • Change Standalone Version so the player has to make a mission for unlocking the blueprints. Right now, they get added by starting the game.
  • Add Xenon S/M Weapons.
  • Add Xenon S/M Ship Models, but thats i cannot guarantee.

Uninstall Mod:
Standard Version: Just remove the modfolder from your extentsions folder.
Standalone Version: Before removing the mod, make sure you are no longer onboard of a xenon ship. After that you could remove the mod BUT than you would have floating (bricked) vessels in space doing nothing. So before or after removing the mod, you have to destroy your xenon ships.

I will try giving support for my mod, as good as i can, but cannot promise anything.
If you like the mod, dont forget to endorse it :)