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This mod addresses several piracy gameplay-aspects in X4 that I really dislike.
If you want to force some S/M ship to bail or soften an L/XL ship before boarding, right-click it, choose "Harass" and follow the instructions.
Also, you can configure it as much as you want using the in-game menu.

Permissions and credits
Compatible with 3.x, with and without Split vendetta.
Savegame friendly. (Both adding and removal)

Major changes explanation
Replaced Surrender! dialog option by Harass contextual action.
Replaced the confusing and mostly random Surrender! dialog option by a more streamlined Harass contextual menu action.
If you want to force some S/M ship to bail, or soften an L/XL ship before boarding, right-click it and choose Harass.
That will start a mission, follow the steps and the prize will be yours.

Create your own pirate gang.
Subordinates of the ship you are piloting will smartly participate in the Harass operation, helping you while avoiding killing the target.
Tip: Use ships with a lot of shields and prefer high-shield/low-hull damage weapons for maximum effectiveness.

Create your own pirate imperium.
You will be able to instruct your most experienced pilots (3 stars or more) to do harass operations on their own, just assemble a small fleet and assing the Corsair default order to their leader.
Tip: The Argon trading station in Hatikvah's Choice I is usually full of HOP and ZIA traders (ARG/HAT will not protect nor care about them), that's a good spot to start.

Added a lot of config options to let you tune the piracy.
Added more than 20 configuration options to let you tune the mod to your likings.

Minor changes explanation
Please, check the GitHub page to get a full list of the minor changes done by this mod.