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Adds the Nemesis Corvette to the Argon/Antigone factions.

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This is a full copy of the Nemesis Corvette. Sentinel class for the Antigone, Vanguard class for the Argon.


-You know you could just add the argon/antigone faction to the original ship owners and not copy the whole thing, yes ?
-Yes but now you can edit it's stats to fit your cheats... errr i mean needs!

-You know you could change it's name, yes ?
-I was not in the mood to mess with translations.

-You know that you could change it's stats to fit the argon/antigone better ?
-I am not good at balancing ships, so i kept the original (holy order/paranid) stats.

-What can i do with the gunship now that we have a corvette ?
-Don't know, mod the gunship into a transport ship with guns.