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Makes split neutron gatlings more useful in terms of accuracy

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Neutron gatlings in vanilla are like machineshotguns and couldn't hit pretty much anything beyond 300m, this mod aims to fix that by dropping the spread of the weapons approximately to half. I also made it so that the weapon stats reflect those of the bolt repeater as in spread decreses when stepping up to MK2 version. Nothing else is changed.

Exact values for each are as follow

S Neutron Gatling MK1 - 0.92 -> 0.75

S Neutron Gatling MK2 - 1.45 -> 0.65

M Neutron Gatling MK1- 1.28 ->  0.70

M Neutron Gatling MK2- 1.73 -> 0.60

Quick test shows that damage is applied more like with the bolt repeaters and extends the useful range of these weapons significantly.

Feed back is always welcome.