X4: Foundations
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- Added Modtools of level 1-3 and seminars of level 1-4 to missions, ship battles, lockboxes, exploration, highway robbings, etc.
- Added Paints to destroyed ships loot
- All the droplists adjusted for better rarity items, more money and more loot in general
- Missions will give you more money and often include seminars and modtools

Permissions and credits

In vanilla game, chances and yields on rare items, including level 3 seminars are extremely low and level 4 seminars can't be acquired at all. This mod increases the drop rate of all the items in most of the droplists and adds level 3 and level 4 seminars and tier 2 and 3 modtools to drops, as well as missions. You should see rare mods, bigger crystals, more rare inventory items and lvl 1-4 seminars and and tier 2 and 3 modtools now more often and in slightly larger quantities. Droplists include containers in space, lockboxes, loot from the destroyed ships, exploration of space wrecks, missions etc. The vendors in shops are not affected, so you can't directly buy rare items, but they drop much more often now in game activities that involve any kind of looting. For example, the Small Xenon ship only had a very slight chance to drop anything valuable, now you have much better odds to see couple of rare items drop even in small skirmishes. Bigger ships will drop more loot than smaller ones. So start looting those containers, killing enemy ships, opening lockboxes. doing missions. The game is fun again!

 - adjusted droplists library, rewards balancing library and Split vs. Argon war mission rewards.

Purpose of the mod

Since modded game doesn't support ventures, this mod expands most of the game's drop lists. Makes finding lockboxes, fighting enemy ships, exploring the wrecks and mining more exciting and lowers the tedium of pilot skill increase, by supplying your with more seminars, different quality mods for your ships engines, shields, weapons, and wide range of inventory items.

Is compatible with other mods, unless they adjust droplists. Doesn't require new game and is compatible with old saves.

- Backup your recent save
- Extract the files from the archive
- Copy the "betterdrops" folder to the "extensions" game folder under ..<path>..\X4 Foundations\extensions\
- You'll have to create the extensions folder if you do not have one already 
- Start the Game the go to extensions and make sure that mod shows
- Enjoy improved drops