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Reworks the encounter feature to be less annoying, more varied and player rank aware.

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Compatible with X4 3.00 Beta 1 (373142) - 2019-11-14


"Encounters" in deep space... love them or hate them? It was once said ...

"You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time..."

Sorry EGOSOFT it's mission impossible ... or may be you can please everyone?

Where do we start...?


Once you leave the busy part of a sector the game engine (via the MD Encounter script) starts to jump small groups of enemy ships (out of thin air) right alongside you every ~60s, one group after the other.. endlessly... this mod changes this behaviour and adds more variance to the game experience in "deep space". Deep space is anything >130km from the sector "centre". Egosoft designed the 'encounter' dynamic to transport (unseen) ships already built in another part of the universe to make the large empty spaces between far flung stations beyond seem less empty. A nice idea.. and it keeps the economy functioning as per design... but unfortuneately it's not been very well implemented...

Browsing the various forums I have noticed the "encounters" 'fans' have asked for...

  • Less of them  You got itNow every 9-10 minutes instead of every 60 seconds
  • No more ships jumping right next to you    You got itNow radar-range aware, they appear just when they should... not before
  • No more ships always in your path      You got itNow more variation in positioning ahead
  • Always the same, regardless of play progression      You got itEncounter instances per encounter now based on fight rank
  • Pirates always ignoring you  You got itHotshot traders beware, pirates prefer rich businessmen with a high trade rank!!
  • Khaak should be rarer                            You got itThey appear less often but now sometimes there are lethal swarms 
  • Missing Xenon threat     You got itOoops... you folks should have kept quiet ... now sometimes destroyers & frigates appear
  • Pirates not a threatYou got it More variety and now they've brought their friends along to play with you
  • Too many criminals loitering at space stations  You got itLess criminals with more/less Police (for each race)

    This is just the start, I need feedback, and I have plans... unfortunately so does my family... so I wanted to post this before my holiday!!


Drop the "Encounters" folder into your "Documents" X4 extension folder, this being...



I have been developing this mod and testing it during play and I feel the balance between encounter occurence, difficulty and variety is about right for the coding I have done so far. I want to expand and tune this mod futher come the Autumn, so if folks can give feedback and suggestions about what I got right (if anything) and what's still to do (including any bugs) then please do let me hear. This was my very first proper MD coding so please be nice, it was a great voyage of exploration... and I had many nasty encounters !!