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Updates for the Right Click API, maintained only until the original author returns.

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The Right Click API by morbideth hasn't been updated since 2.00.

From the original post...

  • You may NOT: Host these files elsewhere without either my permission or if I have been inactive on these forums for over a month.

Last forum post from morbideth was March 1st.
I am now enacting this clause.

I will only be maintaining this until morbideth returns and picks it back up.

- Right Click API updated for patch 4.10.

- Right Click API updated for patch 4.00.
- Reworked how you add actions and register custom sections for cosmetics.
-- Previous methods still work, but they are deprecated and will be removed later.
-- All actions are now added with
capi.RegisterAction(actiontype, actionFunction, post)
The first parameter 'actiontype' is exactly what it says on the tin. Previously, the mod had everything split up into their own tables, with individual functions for each of them to add and access, and thus was built into the function names. Now you just put it in as the first variable. It expects a string, so don't forget the quotation marks.
The final parameter 'post' is optional, and will add the new actions AFTER the base game's actions. (This mod always added things BEFORE the original ones. Now it just defaults to it, but you have more control over where it shows up.)
-- All custom sections are now registered with
capi.AddSectionMimic(mimic, id)
The first parameter 'mimic' is the id string of the original section you're trying to mimic. Currently, there are "main", "main_assignments", "main_assignments_subsections", "player_interaction", "selected_orders_all", "selected_orders", "trade_orders", "selected_assignments", "selected_change_assignments", "selected_assignments_all", "overrideorderoption", and "trade".

- Right Click API updated for patch 3.20.

- Right Click API updated for patch 3.00.

- Right Click API updated for patch 2.60.
(Minor update. Only change made by 2.60 is the 2 extra lines that exclude drones when giving orders. Shouldn't break anything even if you don't update.)

- Right Click API updated for patch 2.50.
- Added a few API functions for cosmetic purposes.
(Allows you to register custom sections to count as one of the base sections so they get the same extra tooltips such as "selected unit" and "target name".)