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Crucible Corp Wrath M2 Destroyer early version

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Well well, this took some time. And while im working mainly on my X2 Titan remake i came back to this from time to time and i think its useable ingame now.

The Wrath is an L sized Destroyer. Its a partial glass canon. While the ship itself is very well shielded with 3 L sized shields
the turrets have no shields. Doesnt matter, the highlight of this thing is the 4 Main Guns and you should not venture into war without an escort anyway.

There will be lore reasons for this, some time later when whe full faction mod is finished.

I wanted to add an M sized dock but there is simply no way of fitting that thing inside the wrath without remodeling large parts of her or she will look stupid. 

Her turrets are really just there to defend herself from a few small fighters. dont try to use her as a fortress or main battle ship. its not her intendet purpose and she will perform poorly. she destroys big, slow moving things and is locked down by small, fast moving things.

You sometimes cant take control of the ship till it left the shipyard and stopped moving on its own. no idea why.