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This adds new sectors for the factions Ossian Raider and Terrantrader.
Also adds ships: Taranis, Arawn, Sucellus of XR and new ships Poseidon, Albatross, Bayamon, Xenon R, Eternal Dawn, Sanctuary, Eureka Eight, Eos, Lynx to X4.

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  • Mandarin
Please always create a backup of your savegames!!!

Terran zealots were stranded because of a black hole explosion. Now they are preparing to purge this part of the Galaxy.

!!! Attention !!!

Please delete all submods:
After Version 1.5 delete the ror_mk1_flagships, ror_mk3_flagships and ror_mk1_ai folder in your x4 extensions folder.
They are integrated in the main mod now and are disabled at start. You can enable these submods ingame at terran trader npc.
I recommend to create a new game for 1.5.

If you use ashipmod, then you should deactivate the AI and flagship mods of ashipmod.
If you want to get rid of ashipmod, just sell your mk2 ships and buy the new mk1 or mk3 ships of this mod.

New DeadAirGate Compatibility patch: DeadAirGates Submod for ROR
For using DeadAirGate Overhaul, you have to add following line in the content.xml of my ror mod:
<dependency id="ws_2082610651" optional="true" name="DeadAir Gate Overhaul"/>


- This mod contains a full new faction with 3 new capital ships and a new sector with version 1.0
- Contains all ships of my other modification (ashipmod) with many changes and bugfixes
- More animiations and effects
- Compatibility to Ojumps Dawn of Rebirth and ashipmod
- Ships are exists as mk1 and mk3 variants (mk3 variant ships have more hull, shields and turrets)
- Mk1 ships are available at faction shipyards
- Mk3 are buyable at TTC shipyard
- Addon for VRO balanced version

Submods (Default deactivated - can be activated at Mod NPC):

- flagships mk1: invasions of Xenon R and Ossian Raider flagships - you should have some capital ships
- flagships mk3: invasions of Xenon R and Ossian Raider flagships - you should have many capital ships

Flagships mk1 and mk3 can be used together, but this would be a very dangerous galaxy.
It needs a lot of time to built the big fleets for the Ossian Raider after activation

How to install:
  1. If necessary, create the extension folder in your game directory (C:\Steam\steamapps\common\X4 Foundations\extensions\)
  2. Copy the whole content of the zip file in the extensions folder, so it looks like: X4 Foundations\extensions\ror\ext_01.cat, ext_01.dat and content.xml
  3. Run the game

Recommended mod:

snackynak's texture mod for better looking ships! 

Variety and Rebalance Overhaul VRO

Mysterial's Faction Enhancer mods

Many Thanks to the Egosoft community:
Unitrader, Mysterial, DeadAir, mewosmith, Matterom, mjr121, Brummbear, Aftokinito, Angsaar and many more!!